The Bulls lose Rose, but do they lose Championship hope?

The Bulls lose Rose, but do they lose Championship hope?


Are the Bulls championship hope gone? No.

Derrick Rose is a phenomenal player, but lets set the record straight. Just because Rose is gone, doesn't mean Bulls will lose in the second or third round. Heck, the Bulls might even surprise Miami because their offense won't be as predictable. With Rose on the floor, the offense was very predictible, but now the Bulls can hit Miami from any angle at any point of the game.

There are two major components that are the key to their success, rebounding and defense. With-or-without Rose, the Bulls kept winning because they executed on those two points. However, with Rose gone, the Bulls can't slack off and expect somebody to save them late in games. If the Bulls stick to what they know, hard-nosed defense, they will be fine. Guys like Carlos Boozer and Luol Deng will have to give 110% every single game if they wish to continue with their success.

So who will be their bright light? Their fearless leader? Richard Rip Hamilton.

Rip Hamilton has been playing outstanding basketball the last few weeks. People seem to forget how the 2004 Pistons were designed when they won their championship. Rip Hamilton was the leading scorer on a defensive and rebounding team, kind of like now. Rip has experience and has been in these types of situations before, he will prevail. Its true how the 2004 Pistons had an amazing point guard in Billups, but the 2012 Bulls have the bench mob. The Bulls will rely on the bench mob now more than ever, and if they go down, they'll go down swinging.


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    I'm not trying to burst your bubble or anything, but the Bulls have less then a 5% chance of winning a championship. I mean sure, a couple major injuries to the other teams could change the outlook really quickly. Rose is the only superstar on this team. Without him, they now have a void at point guard. C.J. Watson can score but not at will like Rose. Watson is a great shooter but if you have a body in front of him, he can't do much. He rarely drives towards the basket. Watson's defense is average at best. I'll take Rose's defense any day.

    The question now is, will the Bulls get past the first round? Most likely. The dynamic of the series has changed dramatically now though. I'm curious to see how game 2 goes. It's extremely hard to predict what will transpire, but I'm leaning towards this series going to a Game 6 or Game 7 with the Bulls still winning.

  • Yeah, you are probably right. 5% sounds accurate, but I'd take that 5% over the Memphis' 20% chance because the Bulls have heart. I've never seen a team have as much heart as the Bulls. Rose missed 27 regular season games and they did not skip a beat, they still received the number one seed. Do I believe they will lose to the Heat in the ECF? Sure. I'm not saying Bulls can beat the Heat, I'm simply saying they can make it competitive, hope is still there. Their team is now blueprinted behind the 04 Pistons with Rip leading the way. Defense and rebounding wins game.

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    The Bulls do play hard under coach Thibs every game. I rarely see the Bulls take a day off. Teams in the playoffs usually play harder. I can't see the Bulls playing any harder then they did in the regular season. So I'm sure Philly will give them a run for there money.

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