NBA 2011-2012 Award Predictions

NBA 2011-2012 Award Predictions


Rookie of the Year- The 2011 draft had some good rookies, but only a few proved that they were special. Even though Kyrie Irving and Ricky Rubio spent a lot of their time on the injury list, they both showed flashes of them being elite guards in the future. Other high draft picks that played at a very low level like Enes Kanter, Bismack Biyombo, and Tristan Thompson probably need more time for development. Derrick Williams and Iman Shumpert seem to have a very bright future on their respected teams.

Winner: Kyrie Irving

Defensive Player of the Year- Since Dwight Howard has taken a toll this season, the award of DPOY has really opened up. The list of possible names are endless. Maybe Tyson Chandler, he did revive the Knicks defense. How about Lebron James? Lebron can guard the point guard position all the way to the power forward position at the highest level of defense.  How about Luol Deng? He is the best defender on the Bulls, a team which has arguably the best defense in the NBA. Maybe Serge Ibaka the shot-blocka?

Winner: Lebron James

Most Improved Player- This is a hard one, only because injuries takes a big part in the decision. Jeremy Lin is an obvious candidate, a player who averaged 2.6 ppg last season has improved to averaged 14.6 ppg for this season. However, Lin has only played 35 games, which is almost 50% of the entire season. The NBA could also look at players that are proven and award them for their great progression, like last year's winner Kevin Love.

Winner: Ryan Anderson

Sixth Man of the Year- No competition.

Winner: James Harden

Coach of the Year- Most people feel reluctant to pick coach Thibodeau, mainly because there has never been a coach to win the award back-to-back. Gregg Pop and Erik Spo and of course Scotty Brooks have done a terrific job all year. It is basically a toss up between all four candidates.

Winner: Gregg Popovich

Most Valuable Player- This award is generally given to a player who is in the top two seeds of their conference. The top two seeds of both conference are: Bulls, Heat, Spurs, Thunder. That being said, only three players make it out of those teams. A lot of people have the discussion set at Durant or Lebron, but a lot of people seem to forget Tony Parker. Parker has helped the Spurs to the number one seed in the Western Conference with Manu injured for almost half the season. However, Lebron and Durant have both put up jaw-dropping numbers. The only thing that hurts Lebron from winning the award is the word "Valuable", having Wade on the Heat will hurt Lebron's chances of winning MVP for the third time.

Winner: Kevin Durant


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    Lebron is clearly the MVP. The Heat and Thunder have identical records. Lebron's numbers are far and above better then anybody in the league since Michael Jordan back in 1988-1989. That year Jordan had some AWESOME stats and would of won MVP if his team had a better record that year. I think they ended up being the fifth seed in the East that year.

    Tyson Chandler will win DPOY. The knicks are a much improved defense with Tyson at the center position.

  • I agree with the Tyson Chandler point, for me it was a toss up between Lebron/Ibaka/Chandler.

    However, Lebron's stats are phenomenal this year but having Wade will hurt his chances. The whole idea of the award is being most valuable, and Lebron is extremely valuable, just not as much as Durant. Westbrook is not as good as Wade so it wont hurt Durant as much.

    Lebron's stats are a bit padded too, he sees a lot less double teams and his assists numbers are increased because of the way Wade and him run the floor in transition.

    Maybe the NBA will give the MVP award to Lebron, who knows. However, my thought is Durant is more deserving. He averages 28 and 8, to me that's good enough.

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    LeBron averages more points than Carmelo Anthony, more rebounds than Chris Bosh and more assists than Russell Westbrook.

    Wade has missed 13 games playing with Lebron. Lebron is 12 and 1 in those games. Durant also has Harden, who will be the sixth man of the year. Lebron does have Bosh though.

    I think if you take Lebron and Durant off of there respective teams, the Thunder would easily win about 10 more games then the Heat.

  • That is where I think we disagree. If you take Durant off the Thunder, I don't think Westbrook and Harden can carry that team. I honestly think if the Thunder trade Westbrook for more of a passing point guard like Rondo, they would be even better. But that is a different discussion.

    Wade and Bosh are proven players. Prior to the big 3, they both proved they can single handily carry their team into the playoffs. Heck, Wade proved he can lead his team to a NBA championship with the help of Shaq and win Finals MVP. So if you take Lebron out of the lineup, I do agree their record would go down, maybe to even a 5th seed. However, if you take Durant out of OKC, I think the immaturity of Harden and Westbrook would possibly lead them to 7th seed at best.

    Lebron has Wade and Bosh who are good smart veterans and already developed in their prime, while Durant has to deal with two 23 year olds who are still developing.

    I just think Durant is more valuable to a young developing team while Lebron has the luxury to lead a smart veteran team.

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    Well I have a strong argument. Look at the Cleveland Cavaliers record last year. Look at the Cleveland Cavaliers record with Lebron before last year. It's a huge difference.

    I understand what your saying about Wade and Bosh being proven players. Westbrook and Harden are not at there level but are pretty good regardless. Don't forget the Thunder also have Ibaka and Perkins. Definitely better players then Joel Anthony.

    I just see Lebron carrying his team to a 2nd seed without Wade and Bosh. I don't think Durant can carry his team to a 2nd seed without Westbrook and Harden. Probably 6th at best.

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    In reply to Danny Guerra:

    2009-10 Cleveland 61 21 .744 1st Central Division
    2010-11 Cleveland 19 63 .232 5th Central Division

  • You make a very valid argument too, Thunder simply have better role players that is possibly why the Thunder are just that good.

    To your point on how bad Cavs fell after Lebron left, then he was truly the MVP. Like without Lebron they fell to rock-bottom, but rightfully so. That Cavs team was designed around Lebron, they got a shooting point guard in Mo Williams, they got a defensive shooting guard that can shoot the 3 in Anthony Parker. They got a shooting big in Jamison and a rebounder in Varejao.

    There entire blueprint was designed around Lebron's drive and kick to four guys on the court. Yes, if you take Lebron out of the lineup when he was the key point in that offense, then yes the Cavs would falter to a 19 win season. The way the team was designed he was MVP, but with the way Pat Riley designed this Heat team, he isn't as valuable as he was before.

    So my point is, to compare him to the Cleveland Lebron James isn't fair because the entire team structure is different. But it can truly be a toss up between Durant or Lebron for MVP. In my humble opinion, I'd go with Durant because he does not have another Superstar at his aid.

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    is disagree with the mvp award. honestly just because lebron has wade and bosh? have you looked at durantula's line up? mainly at westbrook and ibaka, then 6th man james harden.i wouldn't give lebron a disavantage just because he plays with a couple other good players, durant does too. and with another player who dominates the ball on your team (wade) it makes it even harder to get that 27 points a game. everyone is so biased against lebron just cause he plays with wade and bosh

  • I see your point, but I still respectfully disagree.

    True, Westbrook and Harden are good, but they are only 23. My point being is, Lebron has the help of Wade and Bosh in their prime. Durant still has a younger and a bit more immature lineup to handle. So I'd lean towards Durant if you are talking about just teammates.

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