Korver Needs to Add More Flavor to the Hot Sauce

Korver Needs to Add More Flavor to the Hot Sauce












Ashton Kutcher, I mean Kyle Korver has been a key piece to very team he has been on. Whether its the Sixers or Jazz or Bulls, Korver has been a great and a fan favorite.  His ability to run off screens and get open is magnificent, whats even more impressive is how he never stops running on offense to get open. In the 09 season with the Jazz, Korver set his three-point percentage record with 53% behind the arc. His nickname, Hot Sauce,  given by Stacey King really does him justice. Though, lately he has been lacking a few flavors from that hot sauce.

Korver has been in a bit of a shooting slump this entire year, his season field-goal percentage has dropped compared to his career percentage. The last two games combined he had a total of nine points and is averaging 7.8 ppg, which is second lowest since his rookie year. Whats going on? Who knows, but hes got to get going soon. His strength is to stretch the floor and keep the defense honest, which he still will do even on a bad shooting night. However, its more important to make the shot because that is what counts. The Bulls need Korver playing at the top of his game if they want to get past the Heat, that means he has to be more efficient and sustain a good rhythm.  Yes, that means playing even better than his average game.

A lot of Bulls fans don't really notice or care how Korver has been playing this year, rightfully-so because Bulls are still the best team in the NBA. However, Korvers percentage dropping is a eye opener espeically since the playoffs are creeping by. Hopefully Korver aka Hot Sauce will get it going and help the Bulls get far in the playoffs.

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  • With the scramble on the floor and rebounds last night, maybe he has.

  • In reply to jack:

    Yeah, I kind of spoke to soon. Hopefully last night wasn't a fluke and he could try to be more consistent on most nights, maybe not exactly like yesterdays game but something similar.

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