Heat top Bulls 83-72, East Race becomes Tighter

Heat top Bulls 83-72, East Race becomes Tighter


The Bulls and Heat finally meet for the last time this season, and they ended their season series with a bang. A very physical game for two of the most competitive teams in the entire NBA. Chris Bosh and Derrick Rose both sat out this game, but the game was still very exciting to watch.

The story for the Heat was their dirty fouls. Rip was shoved hard by Wade, then the Heat had Lebron's hard screen on Lucas. However, to top it off, James Jones had a flagrant two foul on Noah that got him ejected. The intensity level made sense though, for the Heat this was a playoff type game. "A physical Eastern Conference game," Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said after the third quarter in a televised interview. "It's an emotional game, a passionate game."

The Bulls' defense was great for the most part, of course at the end it fell apart a bit because of the foul trouble. CJ Watson and Joakim Noah both had 9 fouls combined, which forced Tibz to play CJ for only 20 minutes. The biggest thing that killed the Bulls was their scoring, Rip went 1-6 and Boozer went 4-11. When the Bulls rely on their third string point guard for their main source of scoring, there is a great  chance that they will hopelessly  falter to a 83-72 defeat.

The Bulls really need to buckle down and focus on Dallas and Indiana. Chicago only holds a 1.5 game lead over the Heat, which may seem a lot because of the amount of games left but its really not. For the Bulls to be 5-5 in their last 10 games is a scary thought when they face off the defending champs and the Pacers. Also, no matter what Noah says, Asik's long hair isn't helping the cause. Rose needs to come back healthy and strong before the season ends if Chicago even dreams of making a run in the playoffs.

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