Derrick Rose's Ego Helps Bulls Defeat the Heat 96-86

Derrick Rose's Ego Helps Bulls Defeat the Heat 96-86













The Thursday night match-up between Bulls & Heat was hyped up, and they did not disappoint. The Heat and Bulls could finally face of their starting starting five. In the first game between the two, Deng missed the game in Miami and Rose missed the following game in Chicago. Finally the Bulls could see how they face off with the Heat when they are healthy, but they still couldn't get a clear enough picture.

Derrick Rose had probably the worst game as a Bull in his career. He went scoreless in the first half and shot 1-13 in the game while finishing with two points total. If somebody told you Bulls would be the Heat in overtime 96-86 with Rose scoring two point, you would call them crazy. Then again Chicago did beat the Heat on March 14th without Rose in uniform. So how did it happen? Two words, Bench Mob.

CJ Watson and Kyle Korver were just outstanding from behind the arc. If CJ Watson's step back three-pointer that sent the game into overtime wasn't enough, then how about Kyle Korver splashing in five triples of his own. Boozer struggled against the Heat before tonight's game, averaging just about 6 ppg. Carlos Boozer redeemed himself by getting 19 of his own. Guys like Deng and Taj did a great job defensively and Asik also made some big plays on the defensive end.

However, the story line was Derrick Rose and Tom Thibodeau. How often can you say the coach benches his superstar player in the finals minutes of the game? Not often, but this showed the Bulls true testament on winning. Coach Thibodeau had the guts the bench his star player, but his star player had even more heart to take a seat. Rose let CJ Watson take over while he watched from the bench. During Rose's rookie year, he gave an interview stating that he would do whatever it takes to win, even if it means sitting on the bench. Tonight, he proved his words and showed he had the heart to do whatever it takes to win.


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  • It appeared that Thibs benched most of the starters late in the game, except Deng and Boozer. Noah came in only after Taj fouled out.

    I wonder what it says that the Bench Mob beat Miami, not just by outscoring the Miami bench, but facing off against Wade and James for most of the 4th Quarter and the whole OT. That seems to be the real story of that game.

  • Well having Noah on the bench was surprising, but not too surprising seeing how good Asik was doing defensively. But yes, the bench mob did a great job. Especially Taj Gibson's energy and Korver/Watson's shooting. But to be honest, I think the Heat are just coasting until the playoffs. They lost a lot of games lately, they just seem disinterested.

  • In reply to Sami Hassan:

    That might be. However, there were various runs, such as Wade scoring 10 straight at the end of the 4th, that indicated that his head was in the game. I suppose one could point to "it wouldn't have gone to overtime if there hadn't been 1 for 2 on the free throw line" and Turiaf not having his head in the game.

    Maybe, though, the disinterest was demonstrated in scoring only 2 points in OT, or by not really taking a big lead with all of Rose's turnovers.

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