Bulls Beat Sixers 103-91, yet still lose BIG

Bulls Beat Sixers 103-91, yet still lose BIG


The question everybody asked was "Would Rose play at a high level?" The answer was yes. Rose came out looking like the MVP that we all knew, 21 points 9 rebounds and 9 assists for the game.

The Bulls did everything right, they played solid transition defense and made the Sixers work for every basket in their half-court sets. Rip Hamilton played like Detroit Hamilton by adding 19 points in 26 minutes. The big story of the series was Evan Turner's history with Rose and how they had beef since High School. Evan Turner got tangled up with Carlos Boozer and it resulted in players barking at each other, Rose and Rip each received a technical.

The bench played great and it looked like the Bulls were going to cruise to an easy playoff victory. However, with just 70 seconds left, Rose got injured. He drove to the basket and stepped on a player's foot and took off awkwardly, this led to the painful screams of Derrick Rose. He laid on the floor for a bit, but finally he got up and walked off with the support of the trainers. Times are rough in Chicago, but the tough Bulls team hope to get through it. The city of Chicago is hold their breath until the results come in, we all wish Rose is okay.


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    I'm not an expert in the medical field and I'm not blaming anybody but I think Rose's muscles around the knee was a little weak. He pushed himself a little too hard and too fast. Rose looked explosive as hell during the game. I haven't seen him play like that in a while. His muscles around the knee needed to develop some strength but what he did was push himself a little too much. Rose just needed time for his muscles to recover and grow stronger. Anyways, its an unfortionate thing.

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