What Should the Bulls Do for the Trade Deadline?

What Should the Bulls Do for the Trade Deadline?

The city of Chicago has been eyeing the Miami Heat since last year’s loss in the  Eastern Confrence Finals. Since then, Bulls fans have been imagining a rematch of that series. Can the Bulls and injury prone Rip Hamilton get past the Heat with their current roster? Or does Gar Forman have to make a few moves to set the Bulls straight.

Nobody has really seen Chicago’s full potential because of all the injuries they have been faced with. The Bulls still have been the best team in the league because of players like Ronnie Brewer, Carlos Boozer, and CJ Watson cranking it up a notch from last season .  The Bulls also miraculously still kept it rolling even when the starters and bench guys were injured, bench warmer  guys like John Lucas and Mike James stepped up big. Now the question is, should Gar Forman wait until next year to find a deal in Free Agency after a few players contracts are over, or does he roll the dice on getting Dwight Howard.

Let us be realistic here, adding a “healthy” Rip Hamilton would not change the 4-1 Playoff series to a 4-3 series in favor Chicago.  Adding just one player who can barely stay on the court would not change much in that series. Also, Miami has a way of shutting down Boozer completely which leads to Rose riding solo again. Let us not forget that Miami’s chemistry is strengthened and have added key pieces like Norris Cole and Shane Battier.

Dwight's agents say he wants to be the number 1 option on whatever team he goes to, chances are he would be the top option in Chicago since Rose likes to think of himself as a past first point guard who is very unselfish.

So lets examine the potential Dwight Howard trade that was offered. Asik-Deng-Boozer-Charlotte’s pick for Hedo and Dwight. No Noah or Taj? Chicago better get on their knees and beg for this trade to happen. (If Dwight signs the extension)

Asik is a “must go". Chicago fans would hate to see him go but it has to be done. Asik’s extension is due for next year  and teams like Cleveland are ready to over pay him. Chicago cant afford Asik, its just not in the books. Especially since the Bulls owner cringes  when he hears the word luxury tax. So even if Chicago can’t get Howard, they should consider giving up Asik for a solid shooting guard for the remainder of the season.

Another key piece that is essential in the trade is Charlotte’s unprotected draft pick which could possibly be the number 1 pick in 2016. It is a risk giving it up, but not really that big of a risk. Chances of landing Dwight and keep Rose and Noah is worth any risk to be honest. Plus, the chances of Charlotte’s pick being number 1 in 2016 is a very slim chance. The Bobcats will probably get top pick this year and possibly next year too and will be a solid team by the time 2016 rolls around. So giving up that pick for Howard seems to be an easy choice for the Bulls.

Hedo is not as good as Deng or Boozer at all, but with Chicago’s depth they can sacrifice Deng and Boozer and still be a very good team. If the trade requires to keep Asik but give up Noah and Taj, the trade is really not worth doing. Chicago is the number 1 team in the league, they are just 1 solid player away from taking it all. Can that player be Dwight? Of course. Will it be him? Possibly. But Chicago needs to keep all options open and consider making any kind of trade like for OJ Mayo or Stephen Jackson before the deadline unlike how they did last year. Because like I said, adding only Rip to the lineup will not  change the 4-1 series to a winning series.

If Dwight chooses New Jersey or Lakers over the Bulls, he is not looking for rings.



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  • To be honest, I really don't know. A lot of people have speculated that its being he wants to be "the man" on whatever team he goes to. Chances are if he came to Chicago he would be "the man" because Drose claims he is a past first point guard. That being said, his agents say he would be open to going to Miami where he possibly wouldn't be "the man". Only reason I can guess is that Adidas wouldn't want their 2 big clients on one team.

  • Why doesn't Howard want to play for the Bulls? You would think playing with Rose and having a chance to win a title would be good reasons to join the Bulls.

  • The Bulls would become the most dominant and complete team in the league if they execute the following trade that appears doable and sensible for every team involved!

    Jordan Hill – Center (Houston)
    Courtney Lee – Shooting Guard (Houston)
    Kurt Thomas - Center (Portland)

    This works for Chicago because the net result would be that they add an additional center and pick up a durable and skilled shooting guard with very good three point range and excellent defense. The return of Kurt Thomas would be a better situation not only for the Bulls but for Thomas who has seen his minutes gradually decline especially with the addition Joel Prybilla to Portland. The Bulls lose size and a bit of defense at the back-up center position, the passing/facilitation of Hamilton and the promise of up and coming player Jimmy Butler (although he has not played enough to be missed).

    Richard Hamilton – Shooting Guard (Chicago)
    Jamal Crawford – Shooting Guard (Portland)

    Los Angeles perhaps makes out the best picking up a two starting caliber shooting guards. Even though Richard Hamilton may be injury prone, with Crawford in the line-up, the Clippers can easily afford to wait on his return. What makes it even better for them is that if they keep Chauncey Billups that will give them three different weapons at shooting guard which would drastically change their situation from a weak position when they lost Billups to a very strong one. Hamilton may enjoy playing for not only a contender in a large market but being reunited with his former Detroit running mate Chauncey Billups. The Clippers would also rid themselves of Mo Williams who was being paid too much to be a backup point guard.

    Randy Foye – Shooting Guard (Los Anegels)
    Omer Asik – Center (Chicago)
    Jimmy Butler – Shooting Guard (Chicago)

    Houston would FINALLY get the defensive presence in the middle with-out really giving up much. The loss of their backup shooting guard is “a wash” with the pick-up of Randy Foye AND they get a nice young talent in Jimmy Butler who did everything he was asked to do in Chicago. While it does not seem fair to Butler on the bright side is that he is from Houston, so if he could carve out a position on the roster, he could turn into popular hometown player.

    Mo Williams - Point Guard (Los Angeles)
    Patrick Patterson – Power Forward (Houston)

    Portland gets a seasoned point guard which they have been shopping for to either start or back up Raymond Felton giving them pretty good depth at the position. They also get a younger power forward to back up Lamarcus Aldridge.

  • In reply to Forthas:

    I agree with the thought process of moving away from superstars and just add what the Bulls need. But it seems like Portland and Chicago would be taking a bit of a hit on that trade scenario. I agree with the Lee part, but im not sure if Kurt or Hill would do the Bulls much good because we have Noah and Taj and Boozer. Hill and Kurt would be more of an insurance type guys, which is still good to have..but at the price of Asik and Butler?

    I like the trade idea, but maybe a little change of having Crawford and possibly Kaman from the Horents giving away Asik and Butler.

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