The Bulls Missing Piece: John Lucas

The Bulls Missing Piece: John Lucas

The Bulls have been looking for that second guy who can help take pressure off of Rose, but could that player be already on there bench? 

Chicago Bulls signed Rip Hamilton to relieve offensive help. Wait, who is Rip Hamilton again? The assistant coach who is always in a suit, right?

We all know John Lucas is no Jamal Crawford or Nick Young, but he is something extremely valuable if he can be more consistent. He is exactly what they need but a "poor mans" version of it. He can score and he can handle the ball if Rose gets trapped in double teams. His minutes will decrease when Rose comes back, but could they find away to increase Lucas's minutes? Probably. He may not be what Chicago was looking for, a prolific shooter who can take over games with Rose. He may not be able to play for a long period of time because the offensive would attack his size when he is playing defense. He is also a very streaky shooter, he can help the Bulls or shoot them out of a game. Nonetheless, if Tibz plays him right, he can make the bench mob hell of a lot better.

The bench mobs biggest weakness sometimes is to find buckets. With Brewer and Taj and Asik on the floor, the pressure builds on CJ to score who seems more comfortable being a stand still shooter. John Lucas can be that "X" factor, he can help the bench mob score and keep the offense rolling. There is no way that I am saying John Lucas should be the Bulls starting shooting guard, but he could just be the missing piece of the bench mob that could take them all the way.

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