The Bulls Could be Making a Great Investment

The Bulls Could be Making a Great Investment


Over the years, Chicago has had their ups and downs when it came to drafting players. Chicago has had their fair share of  great draft picks. Elton Brand and Derrick Rose are headlining that list, Kirk Hinrich & Luol Deng  and many more also fit in that category.  However, the Bulls also have their share of bad pickups, usually its on players who have just raw talents. Guys like James Johnson and Tyrus Thomas haven't had much success because they got drafted on hollow potential. Taj Gibson and Ben Gordon came into the league as proven players, the only potential they could reach is just increasing what they do better. For example, Taj was a proven rebounding and shot blocking machine and his only major potential was to just increase in that category . Similarly, Gordon was a proven scorer and that was it. Gordon did not come into the league with the potential to become a defender or any other category, his major potential was just to increase ways to score.

Jimmy Butler fits in the category of James Johnson and Tyrus Thomas, raw talent. However, his situation is much different and his success can be too. Butler's style of play can be described as a "poor mans" Deng. He can defend, but not as good as Deng. He could shoot, but not as good as Deng. What makes him any different from James Johnson and Tyrus Thomas? He has Deng to mentor and shape his game into something what the Bulls need. Tyrus and Johnson had no similar players as themselves on the team, they had to go with the flow with raw talent and tough coaching. Jimmy Butler could be one of the best investments the Bulls have made, they could be getting a mini Deng. Luol Deng has done wonders for the Bulls, his defense and All-Star appearance speaks for itself. Jimmy Butler could be just another Deng, maybe a little weaker but a lot more athletic.

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