The Bulls Biggest Weakness So Far? (Revised)

The Bulls Biggest Weakness So Far? (Revised)

Hard to say the Bulls have a big weakness with the best record in the league. However, Chicago still has a lot of flaws that could hurt them in the playoffs.

The Bulls inside scoring is very weak, the only real threat is Carlos Boozer in the post. Joakim Noah gets his baskets just by tip ins, but he has no real scoring threat that could hurt a team majorly. Taj Gibson’s offensive game is sketchy, his jump-shot is very inconsistent. Omer Asik aka the Turkish Delight has absolute no offensive skill. Sure, he may get a dunk here or there when he is open, but he opposes absolute no threat in the paint. So it becomes a problem whenTibz has Taj and Asik playing at the same time, that could come to hurt them in the playoffs. Other than Boozer, Chicago usually gets a lot of their points in the paint when Rose drives or when Deng slashes. That being said, this is not the biggest concern and weakness the Bulls have.

The biggest weakness is injuries. The Bulls' players injury started to fall like dominoes, it started with CJ Watson's arm injury. Slowly, the major names started to headline the Bulls’ injury list. Derrick Rose was recently hit with a groin injury, but before that he had back spasms and turf toe. Luol Deng is suffering from a wrist torn ligament which he will have the rest of the year. Joakim Noah has gotten sick which kept him out for a few games. The worst injury so far is Rip Hamilton. From back injuries to groin injuries to personal family matters, Rip Hamilton struggles to stay on the court. His most recent injury came against the Pacers in the starting 2 minutes of the game, he has been out for weeks since then. Chicago can’t find success in the playoffs without Rip, or any other player that is injured. The reason why Chicago is special is because of their depth. If injuries take that away from them, it will be a uphill battle in the playoffs. The Bulls need to stay healthy, and a lot of that is up to coach Tibz to have his players play smarter minutes.

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