The Bulls Could Explore More Options After Trade Deadline

The Bulls Could Explore More Options After Trade Deadline


The Bulls decided to stand pat when the trade deadline came around, but does this mean they wont add any fresh blood to the roster? Similar to the 2011 Free Agency, Chicago took their time when it came to signing players. Guys like Afflalo and Jamal Crawford and Reggie Williams all got signed and the Bulls seemed to have struck out. Little did we know, the Bulls had Rip Hamilton in mind which was a great fit for them. Similarly, the Bulls did no trades this deadline but could they have something in mind that we don't know about? Here is a list of which waived players are good and bad that the Bulls could potentially pursue. Keep in mind that their is a reason why they are waived, they wont give teams a lot of help.

Derek Fisher- 5 time Champion, why not? No! If Fisher comes then the Bulls lose their edge. There is a reason why Lucas and CJ are effective on the Bulls, its because they are scoring point guards. The structure of the the Bulls's bench mob is for the guards to have a scoring advantage and carry the team. Fisher would just slow the pace down and expect Ronnie Brewer and Taj Gibson to score.

JJ Hickson- Young talent, yes or no? Yes! He is a great insurance type of guy if Boozer or Taj goes down. He is a decent rebounder and could play the paint. One solid negative is that he is a big ball hog, but the minutes he will see shouldn't be a problem for the Bulls.

Terrance William- Young highlight reel, yes or no? Yes!!! Talented rookie for the Nets couple years back who kind of lost his way. Great insurance guy if the injury prone Rip doesn't heal. He can defend and has a decent offensive game but wont see the court much even if Rip is out. Solid steal if the Bulls can sign him.

Andres Nocioni- Former Bull, yes or no? Eh, yes? He wont hurt the Bulls, he probably wont help either. He can shoot the three ball and can defend but lately he seems a bit slower than usual. He has not really fit in with the Kings or Sixers but maybe his story will be different if he rejoins the Bulls.

Ronny Turiaf- Injury prone big? I'd take him. His style is much different than Hickson but could be just as helpful. He can defend and rebound and could see the floor because of his hustling nature. Though its not really ideal to put a offensively challenged big guy on the Bull's bench mob lineup because they already lack offensive skills.

Greg Oden-No thanks.

Jason Kapono- Great shooter, but pass. Why pass? Well for one, he is a insurance guy of an insurance guy. He would never see the court because of his defensive skills.


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