2012 "Coach of the Year" Could be a Record Setting Award

2012 "Coach of the Year" Could be a Record Setting Award


Since the NBA started to record the "Coach of the Year" award in 1962, there has not been a coach to win it back-to-back. This award is tough to win multiple times, but to win it consistently in a row seems to be impossible. This year, Coach Tibz seems to be running away with the award like he did last year. Not a lot of people gave credit to Erik Spoelstra last year for the success the Heat had, even though he had a tough job managing all that talent at first. A lot fans overlook  the importance of a coach, especially the coaches that have a lot talent on their  team like the Heat. Phil Jackson won 11 rings all by having star power team, this is no coincidence.  Mike Brown has the same core guys as Phil Jackson did for Jackon's last two rings, but Mike Brown cant seem to handle the egos of this years Lakers team. Coach Spo has done a terrific job to handle the egos of the Heat, most of the evidence lies in last years Heat playoff run.

Under all of coach Thibodeau's greatness, he has a lot gaping flaws. One of his most complained flaw is how hard he works his players during the season. Having the best record in the league was great for the Bulls last year because of the home-court advantage during playoffs, but his team seemed out of gas in the post season. His one biggest weakness is to manage minutes. He would play Luol Deng 40 minutes night in and night out, even on back to backs. He would play Derrick Rose at the end of blowout games risking any injuries that could come.

However, coach Thibodeau seems to be running away with the award once again. The main reason is not because they have the best record in the league, or the best defense in the league. Coach Tibz seems to have his guys ready, whether its the first guy on the bench or the 11th guy. He has not only prepared the back ups like CJ and Brewer to take the starter role, but he has gotten third and fourth string guards like Lucas and James to be ready and play hard. When the Bulls beat the Heat without Rose and having Lucas (the third string point guard) lead them to victory, that was not by luck. Coach Tibz is known to have his team ready with a game plan and holds each guy equally accountable.

To have that many injuries  to star players on the best team in the NBA is incredible. Even though coach Spo might take the "COY", Tibz effort this year could change the record books for good. He has probably the best chance to win it back-to-back. There is a first time for everything.

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