The Perfect Storm with a Ray of Sunshine

The Perfect Storm with a Ray of Sunshine

Bulls down by 14 going into the fourth, its over right? Chicago's shooting is as bad as it can get, no way for a comeback right? Right?


The Bulls once again showed that they are not a flashy team, they wont put up big numbers like Golden State or Denver. They wont blow teams out on a regular bases like Miami, they wont choke in the clutch. The Bulls are a grind-it-out team, Rose has repeatedly said that over and over. The first three quarters for the Bulls was disastrous, almost like their was a lid on the hoop. So what happened? Hawks just choked? Give credit where credit is due, the Bulls couldn't have rallied back without the Hawks' horrible fourth quarter. Atlanta stepped away from dribble penetration to settling for isolation Joe Johnson and Josh Smith rainbow jump-shots. Both Teauge and Horford missed crucial game deciding free-throws. Omer Asik was one of the biggest reason for the comeback, while everybody on the Bulls looked like they had jet leg, Asik came out and played like he was the Energizer bunny. From grabbing important rebounds to playing hard-nosed defense, Asik deserves much needed praise for his play Tuesday night. So yeah, Derrick Rose, where to start? He didn't give up on his team, he carried the Bulls on his shoulders offensilvey. No Rip or CJ, the Bulls relied heavily on Rose. Derrick Rose did not disappoint either, hitting three important shots beyond the arc. But the Bulls victory was a team win, players from Taj and Deng converted on crucial plays down the stretch. With all eyes on Rose, coach Tibz once again draws up a genius play for a back-door cut for Deng to hit the game winner.

Rose:  "We run it every single day after practice. We see it works now." Don't have to make the last shot to be a star.

Bulls may look like they are just getting by each time, but that's just how they play. Grind it out.

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