The Heat Defeat the Bulls, Playoff Preview?

The Heat Defeat the Bulls, Playoff Preview?

The Heat beat the Bulls in a close game, the final score being 97-93. Could this once again be a preview for the Eastern Conference Finals? After-all, they both have the top record in the East.


The Bulls came out a bit sluggish compared to the run and gun Miami Heat. Like Lebron flying over John Lucas wasn't enough, Lebron went for 35 points and 11 rebounds. The Bulls relayed once again heavily on Derrick Rose's scoring like they did last year in the playoffs. Chicago was missing Deng and Watson, both did not play due to wrist injuries. Give credit where credit is due, Miami played extremely well defensively and took it to the Bulls offensively. Carlos Boozer vowed to silence the doubters, but on Sunday he did not come to play. Boozer took a lot of criticism last season and the Heat shut him down today for 10 points and 9 rebounds. Even with Deng in the line-up, the Bulls key to success is in Boozer's hand. Rip and Wade match-up was intriguing, Rip showing he had the defensive ability to shutdown Wade.


This game was good news for the Bulls, not every loss is bad. Lets face it, with no Deng or Watson the Bulls only lost by four points. Derrick


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