What issues do the Bulls have?

What issues do the Bulls have?

Bulls have the best record in the league. Are they good to go? Are they ready to win the finals?  

Having the best record in the league a season ago, the Bulls have come a long way since. The signing of Rip Hamilton and having the reigning MVP sign a new contract was a good start.  The Bulls have more experience and gained more chemistry on the defensive end. But having some of the issues the Bulls seem to have, its surprising to see them have the best record in the league.

Positives: Carlos Boozer is playing like the $80 million player the Bulls signed a season ago. He looks slim, quick, and has a sweet shooting touch. He is playing like he did back in Utah, his post game looks as sharp as ever. Boozer really took a lot of criticism last season for his poor play. He broke his pinky finger before the season started, then he sprained his ankle, and then he came into the playoffs with turf toe. Him and Noah couldn't seem to be healthy, which came to hurt the Bulls in the playoffs.

Omer Asik has proven to be a Turkish monster. His defensive intensity is one of the main reasons why the Bulls can guard any big men. He seems more comfortable playing than he was last year. Asik's numbers has increased across the boards, he increased his minutes, his scoring, and his rebounding and block shots. Asik is looking to score under the basket now, he even energized the Bulls offensively in the comeback win against the Hawks.

Derrick Rose the MVP has picked up where he left off last season. True, his scoring has decreased but its only because he is forcing his teammates to get involved. Rose once again puts the team on his back and continues to save the Bulls heroically most nights. The only difference this year is Rose seems to be more efficient this year.

Ronnie Brewer can shoot. Who saw that coming? We all expected Rip to be shooting on the drive and kicks. Brewer had to step up offensively since Rip got injured, and he did not disappoint. Brewer had back-to-back games shooting 7-7 in the combined two games.

Luol Deng is just amazing. His defense, offense, his feel for the game. Hes doing what he always does, just plays solid. The Bulls need him to be healthy, because his 40 plus minutes a game will be hard to replace.

Negatives: To summarize it in one word, injuries. The Bulls lost CJ Watson to a sprained elbow, but luckily John Lucas picked it up. Rip Hamilton is bothered by a groin injury, but Brewer stepped it up. Now Derrick Rose has a sprained toe, can John Lucas really follow in Rose's footsteps? It'll be hard, but the Bulls have to weather the storm of injuries.

Joakim Noah also has to start playing like the old Noah, hes playing like a scrub. Tibz ends the game with Noah on the bench and has Asik play. Noah is not battling any injuries so their should be no excuses. He still is better than most Centers in the league, just not the same Noah we are used to seeing.

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