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Awkward Poem - 'Twas the Night Before Armageddon

‘Twas the night before Armageddon, when all through the shelter, Not a person was moving, only all feeling a swelter, The canned foods and dried fruit sat quietly in the 3,000 sq. ft. pantry, And radioactive jumpsuits waiting by the readied gantry.   The paranoid sat, snug in their folding chairs, With images of blazing asteroids... Read more »

America's awkward state of affairs

July 4th, our Independence Day, passed.  Our nostalgic selves aimed our eyes upward as the crackling of a million fireworks lit up the American skies this past week.  We wore our red, our white and our blue as a tribute to American flag and our nation.  For the 15 minutes of fireworks, we probably forgot... Read more »

Does Joe Amendola feel awkward?

I’d rather ease into my first post in weeks, especially as I broach the Jerry Sandusky and Penn State subject.  Tread lightly, my friends.  We don’t want to upset the brainwashed contingent that is Penn State and JoePa defenders, resulting in hateful emails, tweets, comments, et cetera.  Scary! My only purpose here is to ask... Read more »

Losing my blogger virginity: Awkward...

Admittedly, with every word I type, I’m in the process of losing my blogger virginity.  This very action is the same awkward action you make in the bedroom when you THINK you know what you are doing as you pop the “cherry.”  Enduring the process to the best of your ability…Is this the right thing to... Read more »