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2012: The Year of the Awkward

Christmas has come and passed, bringing forth a week of excitement toward the new year, 2013.  Christmas is a time for family and reflection.  Reflect on self, reflect on the past, present, and future.  Plenty of individuals use the new year to make amends, to rid bad habits, develop good habits, reach for self-made promises,... Read more »

Awkward Donald Trump and waste of time

**WATCH VIDEO BEFORE READING** That was plain dumb. Doesn’t Donald Trump feel awkward now?  Twitter-verse is annihilating The Donald.  I’m sure Facebook is doing the same (I’m a retired Facebook user – see previous post).  I’m also sure blogs around the country, and humor sites (such as The Onion) are having a field day with... Read more »

Facebook? More like Awkwardbook. Am I right??

The phrase, “Facebook me”, dominated collegiate vernacular in the late 2000s, changing social standards forever (or for as long as Facebook will exist – I’m not predicting a doomsday for the social juggernaut.  Take it easy, Team Zuckerberg).  I would be wasting everyone’s time by detailing the uses of the website and its influences on today’s... Read more »