School Refusal (awkward) Disorder - WHAT??

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I came across an ad for school refusal and did more research to make sure I wasn't taking crazy pills this morning in lieu of coffee and a muffin...

A child can suffer from school refusal. There isn't much explanation for this "disorder." It's a self-explanatory "condition" whereas a child will suffer physical and mental ailments from ATTENDING SCHOOL. I have a problem with any child that doesn't YEARN for learning, even if school is somewhat tedious, which admittedly is. But to create a disorder for this sort of angst?

I'm currently holding back an extraordinary amount of anger right now. A flood of thoughts and opinions are coming to the forefront and I can barely keep it together. Must the human race create yet another psychological disorder to "explain" problems with kids? Must we "excuse" children once again because we don't have the fortitude to admit - hey, maybe my kid just isn't that great? Sure, you can love and cherish your child. You should. You should protect the child, but to protect them so much as to lie to them? You're lying to them. And to yourself...It's that simple...

"My child has School Refusal." No, your child's mental capacity and emotional strength are close to nil. Your job as a parent is to promote education and the perpetuation of learning - whether through traditional education or a particular passion that can propel success and happiness as life develops. How dare you call this anxiety...That's an insult to people with REAL anxieties - mortgage payments, cancer and other severe health issues, utility bills, work/job stresses, rising prices on EVERYTHING, safety, general well-being. Going to school causes anxiety? When are we going to graduate from the kindergarten country we live in and buck up? Say to your child - "Tough! You're going to school. You're going to learn." Harbor that idea and don't make excuses because you're an unfit parent. Children are being conditioned to basically start fussing up and we'll create a disorder for them...we're that weak.

Please bring back the days when we ate peanuts, drank from the hose, played in the street (Game on! - Wayne's World), break bones in the yard, bruised up, played in mud, got in fights (not verbal pissing matches), snuck around and lied to our parents, and when mom would side with the damn teacher instead of the kid, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And gosh darnit - GIVE ME BACK GLUTEN! Those days made kids tough because it taught them SELF-RELIANCE and responsibility.

Please let's go back to those days, and stop making excuses when our kids aren't precocious prodigies...


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  • I used to puke before school, but I figured it only was because I puked.

    On the peanut point, I saw at a new Mariano's that they had a shelf tag under the peanut butter with "Gluten Free/Vegan." I'm surprised the tag didn't also say "hypoallergenic." Basically, though, if something doesn't contain dough (like vegetables or unbreaded meat) I don't see the point of the Gluten Free label.

  • Amen, brother.

  • Wow, David T. You have no idea what you are talking about. Before you comment so angrily about a condition that you know nothing about, you should do some research. Why are you so angry that a condition that real children suffer with has a name? School Refusal is a real condition where children and their families truly struggle.
    I think you are confusing School Refusal with truancy.
    Truancy is when a child doesn't attend school out of boredom or anger and the child usually has no fear about attending school. A child who suffers from school refusal usually has a fear of attending school. Usually these fears are tied to an underlying anxiety disorder. These kids and parents are not choosing to keep their kids out of school. Their children's anxiety is wreaking havoc on their families daily lives. I have lived through my child's struggle and it isn't pretty. Have you ever experienced trying to get your child to school in the morning and your child is screaming, crying, yelling and gripping onto his bed for dear life? Well I have lived through this and it is pretty damn painful to see your child so fearful and not able to articulate why. How about the feeling of when as the parent you call school to tell them once again that you cannot remove your child from his bed? The school sends the school psychologist, the assistant principal and the nurse to your home to try to get your child to school. They stand over your terrified childs bed trying to coax him out. They cannot get him out so they call the police. Just thinking of those days when the police officer had to enter my son's bedroom to get him out of bed and off to school makes me cry. Watching your shell shocked 5' 10 " 15 yr old walk inch by inch out of your house with a police officer to school would make most parents sick to their stomachs. How about when you call school to see how he is doing and they tell you that they couldn't get him to leave the school psychologists office all day. I am assuming you have never experienced an emotional disorder or have seen someone close to you suffer from one. For you to marginalize this real condition by comparing it to making a mortgage payment is pure ignorance.

  • In reply to njmom:

    Thank you for your comment. I have done my research, and concluded that the malarky surrounding this "disorder" is aggravating. To create a label on top of a social anxiety disorder, as it relates to school, is not necessary. It may help you comprehend the situation. It may help you explain the situation. But it's nothing more than a Candyland label. I sympathize with any parent that deals with ANY issue relating to their children, as it's real pain. But not all children are "special." It's a reality of our species...there have to be runts of the litter.

    I'm sure we can find a litany of issues to disagree on - so, don't reply to my post with your emotionally charged diatribe. You have produced zero research, only your story (which you could have easily embellished to support your dislike for my position). Have a debate, not an anecdotal rant.

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