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Universality of bathroom awkwardness

Disclaimer: This will be the most unpleasant “Tales of Awkward” post to date. For those with weak stomachs, do not proceed. For those brave enough to run into the stinky rabbit hole of filth (and relate to the awkward¬†occurrences, of course!), grab a toilet paper suit and jump in! Hand sanitizer will not be provided... Read more »

Awkward reality of fallen movie "stars"

Add Philip Seymour Hoffman to list of celebrities who have died from drug-related incidents. Add to the list of incredible talents perished too soon.¬†Most importantly – Add him to the list of people you should never revere just because they play pretend on a big screen. I loved Hoffman’s work. I thought he brought a... Read more »
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    David T.

    I enjoy making observances of societal awkwardness. We have no one to blame but ourselves for these moments. Consider me the conduit of awkward. I may insert an opinion or two, but feel free to ignore.

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      Great points. I'd like this entire thing to blow up. The old reset button needs a hard push.
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    • You know this was awkward when it allowed the Bears' woes to take all the positive air out of the ...
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    • Hi David, I recently moved to a new gym where they've got TRX cables, and I was demonstrated a few exercises ...
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