A good, not awkward, day in Illinois - Gay marriage passes House

November 5, 2013 - mark them calendars!

I couldn't be happier to hear the news - The Illinois General Assembly passes a gay marriage bill. I'm not going to write to the specifics of the vote or the debates on the flood because I find that minutia mere talking points for Fox News, not THE point.

Here's the point - There are few times in a generation's run that pride set aside for politicians, local or federal, swells to an overwhelming degree. This day is one of those days of pride. And we should express it openly, much like the brave men and women with societal pressure from uncompromising opponents to their lifestyle.

Illinoisans should say it - "I'm proud of our state government" - a statement that rarely finds itself in recent writings.

Say it proudly, not with shame. Why would I feel shame for believing in people's rights? What is a right other than a condition, action, or dignity to live life happily as a person sees fit, as long as other's rights aren't inhibited? To deny this right is to deny someone's ability to be equal to others, sacrificing dignity and ultimately their happiness.

Another point of pride should be noted - our generation. This is a generation of compassion and understanding. Either by way of awareness or action, this is the generation pushing gay marriage, gender equality, environmental sustainability, health and fitness, responsible food, relentless pouring of information (some unwarranted, mind you), global consciousness, and technology. Not a surprise that Millenials have been dubbed Global Generation or Generation We.

If you are among this elite, be proud. Although the Boomers are ruling the world now, we're up next and I think we have our priorities aligned. Not all of us will be making sweeping changes to the global economic or societal climate, but our spirited quest for social goodness and greater future can never be denied. Our midi-chlorians are off the charts!

Passing of a gay marriage bill is more than the equality for gay men and women in Illinois - albeit a monumental achievement of our government and its populace - this is a message to our fellow states and, as this trickles through America, the world. We won't settle for inequality among mankind. We won't allow ancient belief systems bully our new and improved ideas to secure people's rights and happiness - whether it's gay marriage or whatever next issue to pop up.  We must continue to show we're more than a generation of Facebook, Tweeting, smartphones, video games, and reality TV. We have a conscious and we're going to use it every chance we got.

You better be ready, Boomers, because we're on deck and batting 1.000...


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