The gun debate shouldn't be this awkward

Gun owners defend their right to own a gun using the Second Amendment.  Victims of gun violence have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness - as do all Americans.  But I pose a simple question of the supposed "altruistic utopian" that American paints for itself: As a gun owner, do you judge your liberty and pursuit of happiness by (primarily or secondarily) owning a firearm?  Do you understand that based on your stubborn and immovable conservative position to maintain gun ownership translates into tragedies such as the Sandy Hook Elementary School incident today (12/14/12).  It is currently reported via ABC News that 27 people died at the school today, mostly children.  If I held a gun license (and in turn a firearm in my home), I would throw it into the fire and hope every single one of my compatriots followed suit.  I would be disgusted, saddened, and depressed that someone holding a gun would wish to direct the bullets at children.  Taking innocent life and piercing every American heart with fear.

The Constitution is undoubtedly a remarkable and innovative piece - shaping the country we are today and recognizing the evolving nature of the world.  Key word: evolving.

Here are a couple of "things" that needed to evolve from archaic teachings and outdated legislature:

- Sacrificing virgins

- Slavery

- Prohibition

- Segregation

As we notice the marijuana and same-sex marriage attitudes evolving (mainly because of governmental intervention - Colorado, Washington, and Maryland would request your gratitude), we need to ask ourselves if our unbridled desire to uphold the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution is more important than human life.  Do you think the parents of the dead children will ever support the Second Amendment again?  If they did, I'll safely assume they do not support it anymore.  And this isn't an indictment of the gun owners.  You aren't all blood-thirsty killers.  We get that.

The presence of guns is not necessary for civilians.  I will never be convinced otherwise.  Just make sure you aren't convinced after being victimized by your stubbornness.  Be a moving part in the evolving nature of our "altruistic utopia."

Oh, and throw your gun in the fire.



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  • I could not agree more that there is something that needs to be done about guns and gun control. Your points cannot be argued with in the fact that no one wants to see children die. the fact that it is our "stubborn and immovable conservative position" that caused those tragedies is nonsensical. There are about 310,000,000 guns in the united states. This makes us the number 1 gun owning country in the world. What is your plan to remove these guns from the hands of the owners? If we say guns are illegal do you think everyone will hand them over? The people that will do that are the kind of people that I'm sure you don't mind having guns. For some reason I do not foresee mentally unstable people giving up their guns. (they shouldnt have them but that isnt the point im making) I also dont see the the king of the bloods, or what ever gang you want handing over his guns. in 2011 the united states had 32,163 gun related murder. There were also 35,000 people killed in violence related to Mexico’s war against the cartels that control the illegal drug market. Drugs are illegal and people are still being killed by and for them. Kids are still getting them in our schools. clearly making something illegal doesnt make it go away. I am a gun owner and always will be. We need to find a way to ensure that all the tragedies that have occurred because guns do not happen again. This can happen in many ways and form of gun control, but flat out making them illegal will not do it.

  • In reply to JBlaida:

    After reading what you said, I concede on every point I made in my post. I'm going to go out and snatch up a gun so America can hit the 1:1 ratio - guns per human in America. Can't wait to go "hunting" with clay discs.

    The aforementioned concession is a complete farce. I disagree guns in the country. Call me a pacifist, ya big goof.

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