Awkward sports logos

The Atlanta Braves are bringing back the retro "screaming savage" logo (see linked image) as part of their 2013 BP uniform - you know the uniform no one sees or cares about.  This logo was used from 1967 to 1989 and even used earlier when the Atlanta Braves were the Milwaukee Braves.  The writer of a Yahoo! article from whom I borrowed the previous information seems a little ticked off about it.  Not sure why, because it is a cool, friggin' logo.  Don't get everyone in an awkward debate over sports teams names/logos.

Even though we aren't Atlanta Braves fans (well, most of us), I'd like to use a recent topic of discussion to catalyze a must more interesting subject: sports team names/logos and "racial" implications.  Let's review the obvious candidates for most racially charged team name and/or logo:


Washington Redskins - Redskin is a direct slur at Native American Indians (I don't even know what the PC term is anymore!) and the team is located in Washington D.C.  Oh, irony!

Minnesota Vikings - Sure, the Vikings tribes may not exist anymore, but what if there are a few stragglers out there that take offense to that god-awful purple and obnoxious horn played at the Dome Dump?  Just because the Vikings numbers may be fewer in the world, we can't show them the same respect?  They hate purple!!

New England Patriots - What a great logo, no doubt, but have you seen the old logo? . I'm pretty sure our forefathers didn't see old Patriot Johnny Smith crouching over with a football between his legs and a snarl on his face.  What a disgrace it was!

Kansas City Chiefs - I mean, look at this old logo they had - .


Boston Celtics - Eh, nevermind, everyone loves these guys.

Detroit Pistons - Everyone in Detroit is appalled by the Pistons and the way they DO NOT demonstrate horsepower on the court.

Utah Jazz - Fans of jazz (the music) hate the fact that the only sports team repping their favorite tunes is in Utah.


Cleveland Indians - Chief Wahoo has been a hot topic in this debate, leaving Cleveland's baseball team in an awkward situation.   As the team evolved their logos, the prominent one being Chief Wahoo with a cherry red face, settling on the word "Indian" and letter "I" seem to be their focus.

Atlanta Braves - Previously mentioned.

Miami Marlins - If marlins only knew how they were represented in Miami...

San Diego Padres - Clergymen everywhere love baseball.  I've surveyed the group (1 survey submitted and he loves the Cardinals).  Doesn't everyone remember that chubby little monk swinging a bat?


Chicago Blackhawks - The big tamale...the self-proclaimed greatest logo in all of professional sports...Chief Black Hawk.


Interesting that we stand idly by for certain teams (Blackhawks, Redskins, Vikings, Celtics), but others garner an extraordinary amount of attention (University of Illinois, Marquette University, Cleveland Indians, Stanford University - was Stanford Indian until 1972).  Either way, what wonderful developments over the years and nostalgia surrounding sports teams logos.  Feel free to share your own experiences, thoughts, or to add teams to the list!


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  • I'm pretty sure that the descendants of the Vikings still inhabit Minnesota.

    Any opinion of the New Orleans Hornets becoming the NO Pelicans? Maybe, in honor of their seafood chefs, they should become the NO Shrimp, or at least Crawdad. "6-10 New Orleans Shrimp Forward, Anthony Davis."

    And, of course, MLB, Chicago Cubs, 105 years of embarassment and still counting.

  • In reply to jack:

    Couldn't agree more with the "descendants of the Vikings still inhabit Minnesota" statement!

  • It looks like there is a lot of discrimination in these logos. A good logo designer strives to not cause offence to people of any culture and their prime target seems to be the Native Americans. states that many companies have been defamed because of inappropriately designed logos.

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