Awkward Donald Trump and waste of time


That was plain dumb.

Doesn't Donald Trump feel awkward now?  Twitter-verse is annihilating The Donald.  I'm sure Facebook is doing the same (I'm a retired Facebook user - see previous post).  I'm also sure blogs around the country, and humor sites (such as The Onion) are having a field day with this "announcement."  It isn't an announcement of new information.  No substance.  No information.  Nothing of any value, except for an exposure of Trump's enormous ego and the potential psychological problems of the super wealthy.  Only classless people would dangle $5,000,000 in front of the President of the United States to turn over personal information - which is suggested to have damaging repercussions to Obama's campaign.

What if President Obama releases those records and reveals nothing but a clean slate of activity (which will probably happen)?  Donald donates the $5,000,000 to Obama's chosen charity.  Then what?  Then hopefully Donald Trump will stop trying to influence the election?  And just hang out with his 3.1 billion friends (I'm referring to dollar bills!)?

Maybe Trump did it because he has less Twitter followers than the POTUS (1.6 million vs. 21 million)?  Maybe he is jealous of Obama's basketball skills, or stubborn non-receding hairline?  We can only speculate.

BUT, can we blame Trump for this?  He is just trying to protect his enormous wealth, which is up from 2011 to 2012 (Obama was the President during that timeframe).  Can't blame him for that.  He just looks like another idiot with a ploy.

Happy Wednesday!

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