Want to be awkward? Have an informed opinion

As the gloomy clouds of the political hurricane creep toward our country, I am reminded of the polarization of America.  No, no, not what Al Gore is talking about with those silly polar ice caps melting up in the north, but the unbridled hatred that develops when the political arena asks the sides of Democrat and Republican to square off in an epic battle of dick measuring, what God says (said) and media whoring.

I'd be happy to preach on ChicagoNow.com, using this medium to scream my varying beliefs and controversial opinions on pointless topics (at least to me since I can't change anything with a strongly-worded blog) and ageless arguments.  For example, do we really need to bring up the abortion issue in this year's presidential race?  Don't just use the argument to save face with your moronic constituents and claim yourself a stout "Republican!"  Whatever war of words you and your friends/colleagues/family scorch the Earth with, remember: You can't do anything in that discussion.  Vote.  Don't complain.  Just vote.  Listen to the news (all news, not just Fox News or CNN, the heavily party-favored networks - we know who is on whose side).  Gather all the facts you can get your hands on, as it will benefit your decision.

I know what I am saying is quite awkward for some of you - "Wait, I have to work to know who I should vote for?"  And some of you may reply with, "No, no.  I'd rather allow my party to tell me for whom to vote."  Knowledge must be tough for you...

As I have "preached," cease the awkward!  Find your opinion and your basis for such an opinion and ruffle the feathers!  For instance, for all of our Republican friends out there who do not believe in global warming, is it so terrible to desire green energy, energy conservation, pollution controls and cleaner air/water/products?  Similarly, would you preach to an obese individual to not exercise or eat unhealthy because they have inner beauty?

Isn't it fun to listen to a group of friends to not to conform to the bullcrap?  Oh, I love it!  When Democrats preach welfare's importance, I love stepping in and saying, "Um, no.  I'd rather stop reversing the survival of the fittest.  When the weak, dumb, and lame can't cut it in our world, and God has chosen those people to die, let them wither and die."  Now, now.  That is really easy to say and I sound like a reeeeeal jerk.  I know.

But don't you think the world should stop mass producing babies and correct the errors (which we are certainly capable of)?  7 Billion - WAY too many people.  When God said go out and multiply, maybe he had a limit in mind?  If I had a vote, my vote would be 4.85 billion (I would have made the cut back in 1985).  "How selfish, David."  Yeah, well, survival of the fittest.  And if you believe in God, don't hate science.  If science exists, and you believe in God, then God invented science.  You hate what God makes?  What a jerk you are.

It's not about whether or not the basis for the RIGHT actions is true, but the RIGHT actions are being executed for the betterment of whatever it is affected by the actions.  We become so trivial with Republican vs. Democrat.  Goo!  Don't pick a side, pick truth.  Find out for yourself, or suffer the consequences of being told for whom to vote.




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  • ... of course there is the false claim that we are more polarized than ever, too. We aren't. We've had eras in the past that were just vicious politically as the one we are living through today.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    Agreed, but isn't it all relative? We will sensationalize our times if for nothing more than our own pride.

    I'm sure sacrificing a virgin was once a polarizing issue back, back in the day. That seems pretty egregious now, but back then...

  • In reply to David T.:

    We might be hard pressed to FIND a virgin now! OK, joking. But, yeah, we silly humans do have a tendency toward imagining that today is the most momentous time evah!

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    Ha - indeed! We have the audacity (and arrogance) to think we are going to witness the end of the world in a couple months. Puh-lease...we aren't that special haha.

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