Daniel Tosh, a hero for awkward

Last night (April 19th, 2012) at the Chicago Theatre, I had the distinct pleasure of introducing my dad to Daniel Tosh, my hero in the world of awkward.

"What kind of comedy does he do?" my dad asked prior to the show.

"He basically makes fun of everybody.  Tries to offend everything and piss off everybody, even the crowd," I replied with a smile.  Why the smile?  Because I knew my answer wasn't adequate and the show would need to speak for itself.  Daniel Tosh is slowing turning into my hero for life.  Why?  Because this kindergarten country is more uptight than a nun's asshole.  And he knows it.

Here are some of the topics Mr. Tosh touched on in last night's show:

Rape.  Retarded children.  Make-A-Wish Foundation children.  Blacks.  Jews.  Mormons.  Canadians.  Death.  Heaven/Hell.  AIDs.  Derrick Rose's injuries (He is from Florida and a Heat fan).  Torres' hit on Hossa. Chicago's fat reputation with being fat.  China's supremcy.  9/11.

All hilarious.  My dad and I, along with thousands in the sold-out theatre, were laughing and laughing - some practically crying.

He made a startling statement at the beginning of the show (and I'm paraphrasing), "People often say, 'There is nothing funny about blank'  Oh, yeah?  Watch me."  This made me think:  No matter how awkward his crowd MIGHT feel, he keeps hammering away.  There is no line, and that is what makes him great.  And yes, he is a great comic.  If you do not believe so, then you fall in line with the millions of Americans that love the kindergarten country, and its untouchable taboos.  You know what is more awkward than listening to a comic rip into ever taboo in this country?  Reacting like a overstimulated pitbull thrown into a ring after being beaten by Michael Vick.

What happened to, "Let it roll off your back."  After all, it is just a comic throwing out jokes for entertainment.  He isn't evangelizing.  Take it eazzz! #salvisayings.

And so, I applaud Daniel Tosh on his unchartered topics and cavalierly fearlessness, as well as some wonderful crowd heckler handling.  He throws the awkward in your face and knows you will react like a pouting child.  Don't make it more awkward.  Just laugh with him.  It makes life more enjoyable.


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    To me Daniel Tosh is just a first class loser. Mocking people with disabilities just isn't funny. You hide behind some stupid argument that "our kindergarten country is more uptight than a nun's asshole." To that I say, it's hard to laugh when you're always the butt of the joke. Hope the word butt didn't make you laugh out loud, considering you seem to love middle school humor.

  • In reply to Hannah Jacobs:

    Kindergarten country isn't an argument, but a perspective I appreciate. 100% airtight? Nah.

    You can live your life offended by everything a comedian says or heed to my word - let it roll off your back.

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