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Happy Anniversary, Emancipation Proclamation

I have to admit if I didn’t follow cool pages like on Facebook, the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation might have completely escaped my notice. Glad I caught it and shared it on my own Facebook wall before heading out into the frozen tundra otherwise known as Chicago winter with my goofy black... Read more »

What Else Can I Do? (to stop the violence)

What Else Can I Do? (to stop the violence)
I just looked at a VERY disturbing photo on Laura Washington‘s Facebook page. I’m not going to publish the photo here because it’s too sick. I’ll briefly describe it: Two young black men in a car, slumped against each other, covered in blood, dead. The caption reads: “WAKE UP! this is the damage a AK-47... Read more »

It's Friday Night: Do You Know Where Your Teen Is?

When a “herd” of teenagers exploded around the corner after curfew and went tearing down the street toward the Red Line, I experienced a slew of emotions: anger (they were scaring my dog), fear, excitement—but in the end there was only one that really mattered: concern. It’s 11:30 on a Friday night. I just got... Read more »