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What Else Can I Do? (to stop the violence)

What Else Can I Do? (to stop the violence)
I just looked at a VERY disturbing photo on Laura Washington‘s Facebook page. I’m not going to publish the photo here because it’s too sick. I’ll briefly describe it: Two young black men in a car, slumped against each other, covered in blood, dead. The caption reads: “WAKE UP! this is the damage a AK-47... Read more »

Fire Leads to Dead Iguanas, Murder and Suicide

Fire Leads to Dead Iguanas, Murder and Suicide
So, I woke up in the middle of the night last week to use the bathroom and heard the sound of glass breaking and loud voices from the street below. Reflections of rotating lights flickered through the frosted bathroom window. Not sure whether it was a fire or if it was my building…. Hell, at... Read more »

Tempers Can Flare in This Heat—Or Anytime

Man, it’s hot. Damn hot. It’s dark—almost 9:30 p.m.—and still a sultry 92 F. So much for cooler by the lake tonight. No breeze, no nothing. This is the kind of heat that drives people without air conditioning out to their stoops, fanning their faces and praying for a breeze, because it’s just too hot... Read more »
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