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Leaked Plan For President To Fix Chicago Then The World...!

If the President does indeed come to “fix Chicago,” it’s likely he may find a reality here that can help him fix the larger “mess” he sees. He will find simmering here some of the same divisive geopolitics that simmers across the globe. Not with nations, but with neighborhoods. Neighborhoods often unwilling to be a... Read more »

Mr President, This Is One You Simply Can't Win

I have this theory. It’s about the President’s penchant for watching television. I have to believe that lately he doesn’t like what he sees. Not only news he considers “fake,” but sitcoms he probably considers part of “the opposition.” I can’t substantiate my theory, but it does seem to track with what we know of... Read more »

When The Center Collapses From Pressures On The Extremes

What do we do when caught in a Spring thunderstorm…? We look for cover. Usually that means someplace safe away from any extremely exposed places out there. But right now we seem to be living with the astonishing irony of national extremism. Treading extremes wherever we find them. We have extremist candidates pushing both the... Read more »

Now Easing Into Midlife, Can You Dare Remember When Life Was 16?

Just another lunch room…? Hardly, my maturing friend. Close your eyes and recall YOUR old lunch room…remember in school when it was much more than just a place to get a hamburger and fries…. it was often a cosmic battlefield which you and I entered each week day in our private struggle to survive the... Read more »

When's The Last Time You Waved Off The Cops with "I've Got This?"

Americans have never seen so many police in battle gear….but then Americans have never seen a land like ours has become….where Social Media can assemble an organized throng in just hours…. igniting passions pro and con via network coverage…true, cops have often fallen short in their work, and yet we turn to them more and... Read more »

A Final Text From State Street

Picture it. Black skies ripped by lightening….enormous gates heaving closed…. two huddled figures cowering beneath the Angel’s sword. Adam turns to Eve: “I think we’re living in an age of transition.” To be clear, we’ve been living in an age of transition ever since. Change is the law and cost of life. Often with enormous... Read more »

It's Not The Policies, It's The Pedestal Stupid

Listen in on almost any conversation — plane, train, subway, bar — and pretty soon it gets around to the new Administration. Passionately pro or con, it almost always ends up with the verbal shrug: “What can you do?” History has an answer to that: “Look for the weak point.” David’s slingshot found it between... Read more »

There Are 1700 Out & About Waiting For Us Right Now

Pease, a case must be made for our taken-for-granted Chicagoland park benches. Now, before it’s all too terribly late…! There are more than 1700 out and about, but many without either pride or pedestrian. We so take them for granted. I say enough. In this dense age of Twitter, Text and Social Media, I say... Read more »

The Ultimate Fear ~~ "The Other"

Pulsing through our national veins are two great myths. The first, we are a land of immigrants; the second, we are a land of exceptionalism. One blazes from the welcoming torch of the Statue Of Liberty; the other shines from the “city on a hill” seen by visionaries from the Puritans to Ronald Reagan. Today... Read more »

Leaked Draft Of State Of The Union Address ~ Jan 2018

“Mr. Speaker, Mr Vice President, members of Congress ~ I come before you to report on the state of our Union…. if you’ve been following me on Twitter you know our Union is terrific…never been better….I mean it’s better than it’s ever been over the last couple centuries, give or take a few years when... Read more »