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State Street's Final Message To Millennials

  Any vetted Chicagoan recalls the fateful day in 2006 when our very own Marshall Fields was not only closed, its drained cadaver was unceremoniously handed over to the enemy. But wait! There have been other retail deaths: The Fair, Goldblatts, Madigans, The Boston Store, Montgomery Wards, Wieboldts, Woolworth, the litany is long and ugly.... Read more »

As The Soul That Was The Tribune Departs Its Tower With Too Few Tears

Let me to tell you a story. All stories are true, and some even happened. This is both. Something fiercely serious is happening to this Gothic cathedral which has housed the Chicago Tribune since the same 1923 my parents were married. Their wedding announcement appeared in its editions; more than that, their education appears to... Read more »

The One Phone Apple Couldn't Patent & Never Will

  Oh they tried…. with all their money and might…but the one that got away was simply too intricate, powerful, and user-friendly for the boys at Silicon Valley to replicate let alone operate….infinitesimally compact, functioning in full three dimensional sound & color, this camera comes without cost to its owners ….and it turns out its... Read more »

What In The Name Of Walter Peyton Does Ancient Greece Have To Do With the NFL?

  Baseball has always been “America’s game.” Although football has begun challenging for the title. Because our democracy has its roots in ancient Greece, sports fans might wonder what the Greeks would have thought about this. Doggedly pursuing my wonderment, I found at least 12 football teams who use Spartans in their name. Not a... Read more »

Linus Or Louie ~ Come On, Whose World Do You Live In?

Linus walks his world clutching his little blue blanket. Just plain scared at what the next turned-corner might bring. Louie Armstrong, on the other and happier hand, sings the classic “What A Wonderful World” with a throaty juiciness that makes you feel every corner out there is going to be worth turning. Today’s helter-skelter world... Read more »

Stop Saying It's Just A Movie.....

Here’s my point. Movies matter! They always have. They are the national subconsciousness shared by tens of millions of us who regularly get our most enduring impressions and values from what and who we’ve just seen on the screen. Critics explain this in various ways, statistically tracking the national rise or fall in our feelings... Read more »