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Ms Novak Ready For Her Closeup Before Hollywood

When Kim Novak was still Marilyn and taking drama classes at Wright Junior College, she dated my dear friend Johnny ….on one of our double-dates [as they were called in 1951], we decided to impress the girls [as they were called in 1951] by going to the Blackhawk….closeup, Kim was drop-dead gorgeous, but totally unaffected... Read more »

I Admit ~~ I Never Looked Like Suzanne Pleshette

If you think I look nothing like the stunning Suzanne Pleshette, you got that right….! but apparently I do to some of her fans…ithappened back in 1975 when Irv Kupcinet asked me to be the “mystery guest” at his Newhart Comedy Roast at the Drake….I was to sit at the front table wearing a beard... Read more »

Here It Is ~ The Last Brave-New-World.....!

Living with a daily glut of breaking-news, we can be excused for not recognizing news that is truly epic. While sorting through the daily tweets and twists from the White House, and the daily roar and reaction from the critics, it’s easy to see why we are caught up in what is daily. But what about the... Read more »

Here's Why Jesus Would Not Join Today's Church

Every December, a couple billion Christians reflect on the birth, death and resurrection of that enigmatic Galilean. But of all the reflections, few will be about why Jesus may not have joined today’s Church. You see, today’s Church is a million light years away from how this whole thing started. * In ancient Jerusalem, Christianity... Read more »

Backstage With Fame In America

We often hear how much performers need recognition and acceptance….how applause is their adrenaline, especially comedians….Billy Crystal proved the point when he was in Chicago with his brilliant “900 Sundays”….after the show we were telling him how terrific he was….but knowing Bob Newhart was an old friend, he quickly said “I hope Bob can catch... Read more »

On Behalf Of Your Morning Editions Before It's Too Late

OK, so this proposal to preserve your morning editions may be unlikely; but lets consider the thought behind it anyway. We are told our morning editions belong to a disappearing era. Why wait hours to find out what you can, minute by minute on your smart phone? However, on the other and perhaps better hand,... Read more »

Reading The Tea Leaves Before They Are Drunk

Might we advance this hypothesis…? the Sixties helped make Trumpism possible….because in the 1960s we began to see the old order [aka, Establishment] rejected, scorned and laughed at…in that culture, truth and proprietary got lost in the exciting shuffle of finding-your-own-truth…over the succeeding decades, such an anti-Establishment ethos grew in literature, film and especially music….by... Read more »

America On The Rocks With A Twist Of Nostalgia

  Journalism’s original question is always the same: “What’s going on here; and why?” One big thing that’s going on here in America is the swelling ripple of nostalgia. To paraphrase an old adage, the more things change the more we want them to be the same. No, not our technology. We love our new... Read more »

Looking For Mr Chips

The only clue to what man can do is what man has done. This is why both parents and politicians have good reason to hope their kids get a good history teacher this year. It won’t guarantee America will be great again, but it sure will help it from becoming worse again. Fortunately there are many such... Read more »