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So Many Faces Out There...Do You See Them Too...?

They’re all out there…looking back at you…in every restaurant, truck stop, movie house and commuter train…the faces of the future… sometimes I’m afraid to really look into them. Why? Because when I do, I see in them dangers beyond what I can bear, as well as joys more than I might know how to handle.... Read more »

Are You Lonely? Is It Something You Ate?

The good news is that in this Internet age you and I will never have to be alone again. Or maybe when you think about it, this is actually the bad news. However you choose to think about it, being alone can be debated; but being lonely cannot. Loneliness is a killer. C.S. Lewis put... Read more »

Some Secrets Should Be Shared ~ The Summer Of '52

Everyone has secrets. Some trivial. Others consequential. Most of us die with them. However, when coming onto 90, it may be reasonable to share some that might do some good. Presidents and Prime Ministers do that in autobiographies; the rest of us do that over late-night drinks. Lets dispense with the drinks, and get right... Read more »

On The Fifth Of July ~ The Enemy Still Within

If this year’s Fourth of July celebrations seemed extra loud and lusty, maybe it was because we were all trying so hard. Trying to remember what’s best about a country once known for its courage; not its carnage. Possibly the speechwriter who slipped that word into the President’s lexicon never had Cancer. However, thousands of Chicagoan’s were celebrating... Read more »

Now What About That 47%....?

When presidential candidate Mitt Romney uttered his infamous “47% of the nation think of themselves as victims,” he lost his 2012 bid, but virtually predicted Trump’s victory four years later. Now six months into the Trump presidency, most polls show him holding some of that same 47%. The angry-victim part of the country that elected... Read more »

The Last Of The Greatest Generation. But Before We Go......

  Imagine with me a small green neighborhood where Norman Rockwell lived many years ago. I’m not thinking of his official home in New England, but his unofficial home on the far westside of Chicago during the Great Depression of the 1930s, the War of the 1940s, and postwar America of the 1950s. Where we... Read more »