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Old Movie Houses Never Die, They Just Fade Away

Nations are usually judged by their cities. Cities, in turn, by their public buildings. In Chicago these surely include our movie theaters, for movies have become the art of our age. But please, there are movie theaters, and then there are not. In the “not” category find today’s cineplexes whose elaborate lobbies then offer a... Read more »

History ~ Either You Learn It Or Your Outlive It

History — you know, the subject you loved to hate in school — is often criticized with scorching descriptions like: “History is written by the winners” and “History is not actually written, it’s re-written.” Lot of truth to these accusations. True or not, we can’t help seeing and shaping our memory of past events in... Read more »

We Don't Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression

Think with me of life as a billiard table…and we the balls…when Fate breaks the balls, we each scatter… but how and who we bump into in our lives usually depends on just that serendipitous angle we happen to be bumped…in some other break we would have all scattered differently….and so my friends it may... Read more »

Are You Beautiful? You May Be But Not Realize It

Beauty is the world’s most sought after yet least secure prize…..! Women pursue it, men want to own it, celebrities will pay anything to have it, the aged will do anything to keep it. In its name great art is created, great wars are waged, great deceits are perpetrated, and great dreams are dashed. Beauty... Read more »

Is God Really In Your Coffee Beans...?

So there I was, grinding my morning coffee beans. Their deep brown color, their aromatic fragrance, their tongue tingling taste. Why I wondered do I like coffee so much. Why indeed do billions of us. Every day, every hour, every country. I suppose it’s not an especially crucial question. And yet. Could it be, as... Read more »

Why Performers Talk About "Killing The Audience"

Lately everything has become show business. It’s not hard to understand why. Everyone is trying to make a cash-able impression on their audience. And what better way than with a great performance on the stage. We love it so! The lights, the action, the dialog, the sound effects. However, it hasn’t always been this way.... Read more »

Are You One Of The Beautiful People...?

People born in northern climates have bigger eyes and brains than those around the equator. Doesn’t mean they’re more beautiful or smart; it’s simply evolution compensating for the lower light levels when living closer to the poles. Still, it does raise that aching ancient question: Am I beautiful…? According to the dermatologists surveyed, no one... Read more »

Fathers & Stunt Men ~ My Heroes

Among the people I admire most are fathers and stunt men. If that seems like an odd couple, here’s my reasoning. Both have complicated jobs. And yet, both are usually taken for granted. Fathers because they can’t quite match the incredible role and reign of mothers; stunt men because they simply can’t match the dazzle... Read more »

Once Upon A Time Comes More Than Once

Everyone has one. Everyone needs one. And although yours and mine are sealed away, they remain wonderfully accessible. They are known as memory banks, for these guarded sanctums allow you and me to deposit and withdraw as much of our life story as we need. A need especially felt whenever the seasons change on us.... Read more »