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If You're Under 30 There's Good News And Bad

A lot of people are apoplectic about Fed surveillance and profiling. Personally I haven’t got enough secrets to worry one way or another. If you’re under 30, neither do you. That’s because you haven’t had enough time to do too many stupid things. Give yourself a little more time. What makes this good news is... Read more »

The World Is Made Up Of Stories Not Atoms

If you’re like me, you may tire of all the fuss over Hadron Colliders and Hubble Telescopes. I mean sure our universe is a vast complexity of atoms and stars, however there are times they can distract us from what really counts. And I say what really counts at the end of the day are... Read more »

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep......

Dying is the least favorite topic among the living. And yet we all know we are fated to die one day. When you think about it, it’s no more morbid than reminding yourself you are fated to fall asleep tonight. Death is the Big Sleep. Regardless of your age, your gender, your ethnicity or your... Read more »

When Bogie Kissed Bergman In Casablanca, He Hadn't Read The Oxford Report

What report…? Another of those polysyllabic research papers from some university science department where the 20th C’s interest in probing outer space has been supplanted with the 21st C’s interest in exploring inner space. If the iconic “Casablanca” lovers had seen this Oxford study, they may have been more self-conscious when kissing during their closeups.... Read more »

If You're Under 50, You May Be This Elder's Best Chance

My problem is endemic to all us elders [by the way I define elder as anywhere between 50 and death]. Our problem is often the sheer boredom of having-been-there-done-that so so many times. Let me give you an example: Modern movies and television. Right now both are rolling out their newest offerings by way of... Read more »

Forgive Me Father I Have Sinned ......

Most everyone recognizes this Confessional Prayer. Catholic or not, most people can relate to the disappointing fact we all fall short. As one priest put it: “None of us is as good as we had hoped to be, but we try; and the trying is called life.” But have you noticed lately…? All 330 million... Read more »

That Empty Feeling Even While In A Crowd......You Too?

We’re born with an empty place in our souls. When we’re very young, the emptiness is very large, because in our innocence we want the whole world. As we age the place usually gets smaller. More specific. We focus on such passions as career, family, success, and eventually health. Whatever our age and whatever the... Read more »

Re-Channeling Tom Sawyer's Saturday's In My Chicago

Saturdays have usually been a good day for kids. To sleep in, to loaf, to play, to waste, to experiment. But as it turns out, America remembers more about how Tom Sawyer spent his Saturdays than they do mine. It’s had Mark Twain to record a kid’s Saturday 150 years ago; today there just aren’t... Read more »

So Tell Me Who Owns The Truth....?

Living in a time of alternative facts and fake news, it may be harder than ever to know what is really true. In ancient Greece, Diogenes searched the world for an honest man….in the Bible, Pilate famously asked Jesus what is the truth…. during our 2016 campaign, the winner amassed what is perhaps the biggest... Read more »

The Genie Hiding In Your Genes ~ Be Very Careful

Modern America is obsessed with data. Big data, everyday data, any and all kinds of data. Some of this obsession can be seen locally in the growing quantum of data under the general rubric of Genetics. Consider: We each have about 19,000 protein-coding genes…our area universities feature centers for genetic medicine that engage more than... Read more »