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Learning To Survive The Mean Streets Of Our Good City

Learning To Survive The Mean Streets Of Our Good City
They call Chicago a city-of-neighborhoods. True enough. Sad, though, when European tour agencies label some of them “off limits” for the safety of their clients. I didn’t want to believe such cynicism when I took an out-of-town friend on a drive through my old neighborhood. Grew up there and happily lived there through the Thirties,... Read more »

Keep Me Safe, Just Don't Tell Me How You Do It

Right now, more people are on the move than at any other time in history since the end of WWII…the UN estimates 60 million refugees have been driven from their home…this vast shift illustrates how much our world is in a state of flux… Human nature intuitively prefers stability….one of the consequences of such flux... Read more »

Chicago Police Report The Worst Good News In Years

Have you ever read a good report that made you feel bad…? the Chicago Police Department just reported there was not a single murder in four of the city’s communities…no murders is the good news; only four communities is the bad….in a city of millions, only four small outlying neighborhoods [Edison Park, Mount Greenwood, Forest... Read more »

Hollywood's Donna Reed Slips From Saint To Silly

In the classic IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, Donna Reed plays the ideal girl-next-door with whom Jimmy Stewart falls in love. Several years later she played the ideal stay-at-home-wearing-pearls-mother in the DONNA REED SHOW. But now here are the facts as laid bare and brutal by many of today’s Millennials >> Donna was a complete fraud,... Read more »

How Could Something So Good Go So Wrong

A terrible thing has happened down here on Earth. We’ve become the long promised “Global Village.” Meaning now the Internet and its billions of handheld screens have made it possible for everyone to know everything about everybody at anytime and anywhere. The Law Of Unintended Consequences has left us not so much informed as paralyzed... Read more »

Are We Really Facing Our Final Fourth Of July...?

Are We Really Facing Our Final Fourth Of July...?
What do we do when caught in a summer thunderstorm…? We look for cover. Usually that means someplace safe away from any extremely exposed positions. But right now we’ere living with a great irony as we approach our 239th national birthday. Everyone’s talking about rushing out to the extremes. We have extremist candidates pushing both... Read more »

A Blatant Case Of Unreported Rape & Pillage

OK, first lets get the First Amendment out of the way. Of course I agree with the right to free speech. However, in every sane society, every right has a corresponding obligation. That is, to exercise any right within the laws of the state and especially of good reason. Right now the First Amendment has... Read more »

You've Hear Of The Ferguson Effect ~ Now There's Also The Dickinson Effect

In order to keep ourselves from going totally mad in a senseless world, we have embraced a belief in Cause & Effect….if it be true, consider two current examples: (1) The Ferguson Effect (2) The Emily Dickinson Effect The first applies to the male population who’s patterns of crime have spiked ever since the Ferguson... Read more »

Theology For The Busy America

In Western tradition, Eve was the temptress luring Adam [and their descendants] into sin….other traditions view it differently…but what all traditions seem to agree on is Humanity’s eternal appetite for more-than-it-has….in matters of government – more power….in nations – more conquest….in love – more lovers….in money — more wealth….most Eastern religions speak of TAMING these... Read more »