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Now For 25 Days Of Grueling Emptiness

Do you hear them too…? Those prayers in the air from a million million hearts, each entreaty addressed to what or who they hope will answer them during this sacred time of year. Most of these prayers are asking for something — health, wealth, fame, or perhaps just a break. A few of them are... Read more »

At One Time The "Good Guys" Wore White Hats; Now Its White Lab Coats

Any psychiatrist [or anyone under 30] might say my poor grades in science classes have made me inappropriately skeptical about all the accolades modern neurobiologista receive these days. Especially for their impressive work mapping our brains. If you track lay publications like the New York Times, there is at least one or two articles a... Read more »

The Eyes Have It

Here’s everything you will ever need to know about why we can’t get along…in families or in nations…everyone of us sees our world through our own particular lens….a lens on life has been shaped and ground by years of experiences which instantly alters how we “understand” everything from the taste of our wine to the... Read more »

My Case For Shutting Down The Tribune's Blog Site

Why would I, a regular and contented blogger himself, make such a case…? Especially in a land which has enshrined the nobility of freedom-of-the-press….? My logic is simple. There is a seismic difference between a free press and a carefree press. While the Chicago Tribune, New York Times and other major newspapers exercise a free... Read more »

Was Thomas Wolfe Right About Going Home...?

Anyone who’s tried, knows Thomas Wolfe was agonizingly right when he wrote: “You can never go home again”…but some of us keep trying…a few weeks ago I dared to drive past my childhood home…it still stood there in its stout, red-bricked pride… the young Elms which had umbrella-ed it from the Western sun were still... Read more »

Empty Places In Your Life? Think Again!

The empty places in our lives are not as empty as we may at first think …taking a second and closer look, each of these places — a house, a chair, a schoolroom — was once busy with your parent, your friend. your lover — and while they may be gone, the empty space is... Read more »

Mirror Mirror On The Holiday Wall

The rich plump days of rain-bowed October have stubbornly disappeared into the thin barren days of wintry November…they happen every year whether we invite them or not….but Nature has its own signature compensations…soon the fire-placed holidays of December will make their entrance…with days we should celebrate, but more still, days we should examine…like the child... Read more »

The Mother Of All Moot Questions In Your Life

The Mother-Of-All-Moot-Questions has to be this one >> WILL OUR MACHINES SOMEDAY CONTROL US? ….what makes it so moot is that we are already in their control, the creature superceding the creator…it doesn’t require an expensive think tank to verify this premise…all you have to do is work on your computer until that inevitable unannounced... Read more »

Women's Celebrated G-Spot Gets Some Competition

In another scientific breakthrough, neurobiologists have discovered that in addition to such supreme pleasure as a woman’s G-Spot, we all have such little pleasures as the serotonin-release that comes from scratching an itch…this is another example of the wonders of SCIENCE [its investigation of our many body parts and their roles], side by side with... Read more »

The Music We Call America Just Changed Keys

Have you noticed it too…? America is marching to a different key…from the key of A to G…A as in Articulate and G as in Glib…earlier in our history Glib was mostly for snake oil salesmen, carnival barkers, and frontier town hustlers….Articulate was the preferred key for our most important like elected officials, teachers, journalists... Read more »