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I Hate To Tell You But This Is What's About To Happen In Your Child's Classeoom

You’ve heard of “sexual tension” in the movies…? Well, now that it’s September and the kids are back in school, there’s something called “generational tension” in the classrooms The first is the tension between the two genders, male & female. The second is the tension between the two generations, teacher & student. Put simply, there... Read more »

Oh Oh, Now What Happens To "WE" In An Obsessive Age of "ME"

For most of the time our species has walked the earth, the sight of our own image was a startling one….seeing it in a pool of water or later in a mirror, many of us actually feared it…now, a few hundred million years later, we no longer fear it, we love it…what’s more we want... Read more »

But What If....?

What if it were true that perception is reality? How might an ET perceive us earthlings from afar? And once it did, would it really bother to come down here? Two possible images an ET might perceive. One, something like that opening starlite shot from IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE where the heavens look down on... Read more »

The Captain Of The Titanic Had No Choice... We May!

When the Titanic began to sink into the black Atlantic, the captain had limited control over who survived…reading the ship’s manifest, we can identify four general categories of passengers: Rich, Poor, Caucasian, non-Caucasian…we know whose survival rate was the greatest. However, today the passengers on the US ship-of-state are even more fragmented…in trying to categorize... Read more »

Everyone Has Their Own "Rosebud." Or Should!

UPON MEETING ORSON WELLES FOR THE THIRD TIME >>> my first time was in his classic “Citizen Kane”…second, was when he was asked to narrate a documentary I had written…third, was at a wake where the widow of a dear boyhood friend explained how Jimmy had his very own “Rosebud” moment when he longingly recalled... Read more »

What, No More Vicodin,,,,?

When it come to living in pain & fear, different sources offer us different kinds of relief. The FDA just slapped some tough limits on how we may use pain relief drugs like Vicodin. By contrast, Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel BRAVE NEW WORLD has the FDA of his future prescribe daily doses of the sedative... Read more »

A Possibly Important But Unconfirmed Summer Story

First, let me say I cannot vouch for this story….but it certainly appeals to my need-to-know what life here in the apocalyptic summer of 2014 is all about…a waiter friend tells me three people recently had lunch in this little Chicago garden…one an Anthropologist, the second an Astronaut, the third an Angel…over a ruby red... Read more »

Liberty? By All Means! Well, Maybe Not!

ne of the first things our children will be learning in this new school term are the flaming words of Patrick Henry: “Give me liberty or give me death!” What they may not encounter are the words of journalist H. L. Mencken 150 years later: “Most people want security in their world, not liberty!” When... Read more »

Is It Really True We Come And Die In Threes....?

THREE!…for a crush of reasons both religious and scientific, the three’s in our life have always been important…the deaths of yet another trilogy of artists — Hoffman, Bacall, and Robin Williams — provides yet another reflection on what life & death mean…so many playwrights and psychologists have dared to dance with this phantom in their... Read more »

Tylenol And The Collapse Of The America I Once Knew

We have been told by our experts in these matters that we are an interconnected electronic global village…whatever happens here impacts there, and conversely… I have nothing but a furious belief in their somewhat melodramatic pronouncement…but right now I’m pondering why the damnedest littlest things from one event can so perfectly mess up an entire... Read more »