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Your First Trick Question For Your New Year

Here’s your first trick question for 2014: If people from 500 years ago were to see the world today, what would be their first reaction….? The trick is that I don’t really know anymore than you do. However, my best guess is the vast majority of them [the 99%] would take one look around and... Read more »

So You're Wondering How Can I Ever Get Her To Understand Me

To be understood…to be appreciated…to be indispensable. Are those too much to want? Well, they probably are; but it’s probably what each of us most secretly wants. But here’s the puzzle. All too often we fail miserably with the people closest to us [in the same family, at the same job, at the same party];... Read more »

And You Thought Think-Global-Act-Local Was A Good Thing

I was wandering through O’Hare Field one day while waiting to meet someone. I passed the international newspaper stand, and studied it. If you have ever done so, you’ll know what I mean when I report one of those Aha! or Eureka! moments. Because there sat our local editions, side by side with a slew... Read more »

Two Words That Will Change Your Life

“Change your life” is a big promise for two such small words as: counter-intuitive & counter-factual. So I better explain. The first is frequently used these days as we read how things happen despite every intuition telling us they couldn’t. Syria agreeing to have their chemical weapons eliminated by the UN…. Congress actually settling on... Read more »

Some Bridges You Cross, Some You Burn

I’ll be the first to admit the morning mirror can be a devastating experience. To one’s self respect, confidence, and any hope of making it through the day. Still, there is one uncompromising message in that glass. In your life and in the life of the world, some things never change, while other things are... Read more »

The 14 [Maybe 15] People Who Run [Not Rule] The World

Year-end reportage loves conspiracy stories about secret societies in control of our world. These tales use the same journalistic gimmickry today’s cable channels do. Each shadowy clan of knights or ancient aliens is introduced with the same “could it be” or “is it possible” narration that entrances us without requiring any real evidence. OK, I’ll... Read more »

Merry Christmas ~ There Really Is Something New Under The Sun

Lets face it, we shrug off any chances for anything really new-under-the-sun, because in all these years virtually nothing has been new. Examined carefully, it’s always been around forever, just dressed up with a new name, place, or twist. Honestly, a great new bridge is just a new bridge…a cheered new president is just another... Read more »

Ladies, Christmas Is No Time To Hang Out In A Men's Lockeroom

If that title sounds a little kinky, I hasten to add that I am a man, so I automatically get a free card to get in. ‘In’ in this case is that steamy, tiled location crowded with naked bodies, dirty towels, and smarmy jokes about their scores, their stomachs and the various women they know... Read more »

On The Last Night Of The World

Another year in America is wrapping up into another Happy New Year. Damn it, as Americans it is your duty to be happy. Despite a congestion of lingering crises, the national DNA is traditionally programmed for sunrises not sunsets. And yet, the fact is our species has been thinking about the end of the world... Read more »

Just In ~ Science Sorta Saves Santa!

Have you noticed lately how there is a new neuroscience breakthrough reported every few weeks? Often in professional journals and the New York Times. This Sunday the Times published another one which seems to be reassuring young mothers about telling their children wonderful Santa tales. Once again, it has something to do with the human... Read more »