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Attention Ladies ~ Here's How The Ancient Gods Stole Heaven From Your Ancient Goddesses

In today’s terms what I am about to tell you would be called a conspiracy theory. However, l assure you it’s not just a theory. Somewhere in the unrecorded history of humanity, the guys took over from the gals; and they’ve been hanging on to their ill-gotten gains ever since. No one exactly knows when... Read more »

Two Conspicuous Ways To Own Your Own History: (1) Re-write It (2) Outlive It

History — you know, the subject you loved to hate in school — is often criticized with scorching descriptions like: “History is written by the winners” and “History is not actually written, it’s re-written.” Lot of truth to these accusations. True or not, you and I are guilty. We can’t help seeing and shaping our... Read more »

Why It Is Impossible To Love Your Parents

Loving your parents is a sacred given in virtually every society and religion in the world. You and I say we love our parents, and here at Thanksgiving we may even take the time to thankfully tell them so. However, I feel it my sad duty to report such professions of love are really quite... Read more »

Admit It, You Rascal, You Use Your Smartphone To Take Pictures Of Yourself

The official word for our bloated techy obsessions with ourself is now “selfie.” I’m not making that up. The Oxford University Press has formally declared “selfie” as the new word-for-the-year for 2013. I instantly picture this cacophonic collage of monumental egotists from Donald Trump to Ted Cruz, from Simon Cowell to Miley Cyrus. This generation... Read more »

Climate Change? Forget The Polar Ice Caps, Check Your Own Neighborhood

Politicians and scientists debate the recipe for Climate Change something like Italians debate the recipe for Veal Scallopini. In the long run, it’s pointless, because no one changes hearts. However, there is one shred of environmental evidence that is incontrovertible, and it’s right outside my very own front door. Here I speak with angry authority.... Read more »

A Wickedly Wise Prescription For All The Winters Of Your Life

Gather round, kiddies, and I will share this never-fail prescription. Frankly it’s one you intuitively knew as a child every time mom put you to bed when you were sick and had to miss school. Please tell me you can still recall the delicious sound of those words? Those times of cosmic perfection when you... Read more »

If You Met George Bailey's Angel Clarence, What Would You Ask For

The opening scene in ‘Its A Wonderful Life’ is a star studded sky looking down on the pleas and prayers of the world. We all know how Clarence earned his wings by saving George Bailey, but what might you and I hope from our own Clarence? Sure, sure, there are the usual suspects. Like world... Read more »

When Is A Corrupt Cop Better Than A Constitutional Lawyer?

The answer to this question should be easy, but it’s not. That’s because you can probably mount an equally good argument for each. Except, that is, in the middle of a gang infested neighborhood late at night in one of Chicago’s ghettos. You know, the ones the French Government recently advised its citizens traveling to... Read more »

A Little Secret From Gertrude Stein To You

Picture yourself caught up in one of the latest natural disasters. The tornadoes in the Midwest…the typhoon that swept the Philippines…the earthquake that ravaged the Caribbean. Our instinct is to grab hold of something, anything, that is solidly fixed in place. Same thing is true when caught up in human disasters. The breakup of a... Read more »

You Gotta Use Not Simply Enjoy The Holidays

Looking back…! That’s one well-cherished way to use your year-end holidays. Looking back and re-watching the great drama that has been your life up to now. If that sounds like I see my life as a play, well yes, and I suspect you might too. A play in which there has been a cast-of-thousands. A... Read more »