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Five Outrageous Ways To Take The Joy Out Of Sex

Throughout history men and women have discovered both the need for [Evolution’s take] and the danger of [Bible’s take] sex. At the same time we have also discovered the joy of sex. So much joy, in fact, that both the evolutionists and the religionists felt it necessary to analyze this joy. You know, break it... Read more »

Have You Heard? They Plan To Burn Down All Local Libraries By January 1

Well OK, not literally, but symbolically. Silicon Valley has already passed its 2013 quota for smartphones and tablets manufactured and sold. So who will need all these extra libraries? The classic image of the solitary novelist struggling over his chiseled words in some garret has gone with the same digital wind that so many other... Read more »

There's No Cying In Baseball. Well on Second Thought ~~~

Charlotte Bronte may be considered a ‘chick author’ by some, but in literary circles she is respected for her insights about human sorrow long before Sigmund Freud tried to pin it on mother-hatred. Bronte wisely wrote: “Better to be without logic than without feeling.” The other day when Yankee great Mariano Rivera took his last... Read more »

Admit It ~ Sometimes You'd Just Like To Jump Into "Downton Abbey"

Get ready, fans, because season 4 is starting. This award-winning BBC masterpiece has wooed millions into its Edwardian elegance, replete with resplendent country homes, uniformed servants, formal dinners, all with a dash of form & formality not one Chicagoan in a thousand have ever experienced! That, my commoner friends, is part of what makes this... Read more »

Wanna Start A Bar Fight? Mention There Either "Gangs" Or "Scientists"

I’m not sure what you’ll be doing in your favorite watering hole this weekend, but in mine we always get into heated debates. Could be the Bears, Cubs, Mayor, President; or our two favorite controversies, Gangs and Scientists. That may sound a little strange, but then a lot of my friends are a little strange.... Read more »

This Just In -- Rush Limbaugh Shot JFK

Sound like another silly conspiracy theory…? Oh, they come sillier than this. The point is not how silly but how often they bubble up in our country’s paranoid history. Going all the way back. JFK was not the first president whose life was threatened. As far back as Andrew Jackson in the 1830s there were... Read more »

TV's HomeLand & Blacklist Only Play "D" Not "O"

Have you noticed it too? Team USA is almost always playing Defense these days rather than Offense. Defense as in using our finest resources to defend what we have against those in the Third World who want to take it from us. Obviously this is the nature of life on our planet. Whether Darwin or... Read more »

There's Something Burning & Stirring In Your Todays ~ It's Called Tomorrow

At my age, there are more yesterdays than tomorrows left. Even more true in the case of our 300-some year old country, the 2000 year old Vatican, and the 5000 year old Jews. So getting hooked on our past is easy for all four of us. However…! Hooked is one thing, strangled is quite another.... Read more »

The Greatest Movie Of All Time Has Finally Been Found

Hollywood hype has been pitching “the greatest” for generations. The studios have been at it since the 1910s, first with the use of complete story lines….then talkies…then epics….then 3D and Panorama…now computer-generated effects. One hundred years of hype and hustle from La La Land, where Dorothy would probably sigh: “Oh Toto, what we’re looking for... Read more »

Gasp! The Real Shangri La Looming Just Past Your Next Birthday?

Better hold up your 401K retirement plans….! Pretty soon you may have to extend the “expected number of years” clause. Today’s new stats on life expectancy are staggering. In the 1937 film classic ‘Lost Horizon’ based on James Hilton’s best selling 1933 novel, the world was introduced to a mystical Buddhist sanctuary somewhere in the... Read more »