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Pope Francis Vs Charles Darwin

I don’t want to start a fight where there is none. I mean, the Vatican has granted Evolution is more than just a theory. However, when I listen to the way the new Pope talks to his flocks, I sense a man who is relating to the whole person, not simply their evolved brain circuity.... Read more »

Is The Government Storehousing Your Sperm?

We Americans fall in love with the strangest things. Everything from Cole Porter ballads and Elvis Presley hips to Arthur Miller plays and Marilyn Monroe lips. We’ve especially had this passionate love affair with democracy ever since we cheered our Declaration of Independence. At Gettysburg Lincoln spoke of preserving it…in WWI Wilson spoke of making... Read more »

Every 7PM You Have A Choice

By about 7PM you’re usually ready to relax in front of the great gray screen in your TV room. What to watch…? What to use as some down-time in an otherwise hectic day…? Well, your choices are many, but actually they all come down to these two: Scripted or non-scripted. Either programming that has come... Read more »

The New Spartacus On The Expressway With Us

Folks have been debating the old Nature-Nurture thing for generations. Seems lately the debate may be virtually over as geneticists sit on most medical boards and have access to the most media. They even upped the ante a few years ago when evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins wrote ‘The God Gene’ explaining why some of us... Read more »

Change Is In The Air ~ So Quick, Breathe Deep

The experts at NASA have learned a great many truths about our cosmos, of which this is certainly one of the most basic: “The only sure sign of life out there is change.” Meanwhile back here on earth we re-learn this truth, ready or not, every September. Things change. With these changes so do the... Read more »

Hey, I'm Talking To All Of You! Why Aren't All Of You Listening?

Ask any frustrated team manager, failed sales rep, jilted love or harassed president — they will all complain: “No one’s listening!” Chances are they’re right. Because communication is one of the worst things we do. One example is what I’m writing right now — mistakenly assuming you understand my words “jilted” and “frustrated” the very... Read more »

Wait..! Lets Not Forget Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Everyone these days understands post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). But oh my fellow sufferers, what about that even more universal pre-traumatic version? Can there be any doubt the world’s populations experience trauma not just as a result of wars and disasters, but just by existing in this undercurrent of trauma that comes with everyday life in... Read more »

Just Between Us ~ Here's The Secret To Understanding History

One wag put it this way: “History is just one damn thing after another.” I don’t believe it’s that simple or that cynical, but history is that relentless. Every day from every source we are inundated by a Niagara of news. How are we to sort it all out? Here’s my best advice: Wait…! At... Read more »

Saving [And Losing] Time-In-A-Bottle

When Jim Croce sang his classic “Time In A Bottle” he was waxing eloquent about how we might capture this elusive mystery we call time. A good argument could be made that humanity’s first success at this came in 1840 with the first camera. For the first time in history we could now capture! hold!... Read more »

Chicago SunTimes On Trial For What's Left Of Its Soul

We argue a lot about the role of the press…in the case of the Sun Times it has almost single-handedly crushed any defense for its right to report.. In this case its tabloid front-page revelation that a gifted psychology professor at Millikin University killed his family 40 years ago! A headline worthy of the National... Read more »