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Would Jefferson Twitter To Your Tweets? I Don't Think So

The social media is now in full Goliath stride as it fills the blogosphere with a bazillion messages between us — friend and friend, lover and lover, now citizen and citizen — as we are proudly advised that democracy never had it so good. Here’s the pitch! Jefferson and the guys back in 1776 could... Read more »

The Longest Distance Is The Distance Between Your Head And Your Heart

If the title here sounds like a line from out of a CSI episode, you’re wrong. It’s a fact from out of this mystery you and I call: Me. The head and the heart are all part of the same anatomy, the same me, the same you. However! The head is where our cognitive self... Read more »

The Universe Is Made Up Of Stories Not Atoms

If you’re like me, you get tired of all the fuss over Hadron Colliders and Hubble Telescopes. I mean sure our universe is a maze of atoms and stars, however there are times we get distracted from what really counts. And I say what counts most at the end of the day is our story... Read more »

And Now To The Startling Story Of American Body Hair

We begin with the simple fact that every body has hair. What makes the story complicated are all the incredibly different places where that hair either glorifies or horrifies us. Stay with me here, because there are some follicle facts you may have never considered. First among these remarkably inane facts is that no one... Read more »

When Did A Woman's Body Become Public Property

The answer to this question surely traces back to pre-historic times when goddesses were given shape in the form of statuary to worship. The artists and the worshipers both had a say in what their goddesses looked like. Some with multiple heads, eyes, arms and breasts. Inasmuch as the female of the species was deemed... Read more »

Lets Admit It ~ We're A Damn Fool At Least 5 Minutes Every Day

The best way to deal with this embarrassing fact is to try limiting our damn foolishness to no more than those 5 minutes a day. Take for example flying. Aviation researchers recently declared the airline industry is safer than ever before, with the risk of passenger death in the US now only 1 in every... Read more »

Weather, More Than A Daily Forecast; It's Part Of Our Eternal Rhythms

Mark Twain famously quipped, “Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it!” Seems like that’s still true 100 years later. Only with one big difference. Now we have empirical evidence that global climate is changing, and there may only be a small window of opportunity left to stave off a century... Read more »

The World's Scariest Conspiracy Theory. And No It's Not A Dan Brown Novel

Conspiracy theories are nothing new. There was that cunning con job by the serpent back in the Garden followed shortly by reports that Cain had done in Abel. Turns out both theories proved accurate. And the beat has gone on ever since. Helen conned the Greeks with her Trojan lover…Cleopatra conned Caesar out of an... Read more »

Trouble-In-Paradise...? If You're A Boomer, Yes

We can’t help ourselves. We love to give each generation some spiffy name. The Greatest Generation spanned the 30s and 40s. The Boomer Generation the 40s and 50s. The first has been hailed as an inspired one while the second an indulgent one. The designations may be debatable, but lately not the the data. We... Read more »

Do You Hear That Racket? It's Some Of Your Gods Tumbling Off Their Pedestals

Everyone needs a god in their life. If not a divine one, then at least a heroic one. Someone outside their own skin who can personify our best dreams and greatest desires. In the dark hours of the early morning, few of us feel equipped to face the day without some heroes to help light... Read more »