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50 Years Later, 007 Still Feeding Our Male And Female Fantasies

The first James Bond film, ‘Dr. No,’ premiered 50 years ago this month in London. It was a quick success with its fantasizing male audiences. No surprise that uber-male John F. Kennedy publicly loved the series. While she never spoke on the subject, chances are so did Jackie. After all, not only was Bond the... Read more »

Now Dare We Enter Our Most Mythic Time Warp

Unlike Anchorage or Atlanta, Chicago is a city of five complete seasons! [The fifth is unofficially known as ‘construction’]. Of these, we are just now entering the one with the largest myths and legends, dreams and fantasies. These next 90 days of darkening afternoons and shimmering visions pay annual tribute to our culture’s three most... Read more »

Hey You! Do You Call Yourself A Patriot?

‘Patriotism’ is one of those old-fashioned words that remind you of paunchy guys putting their hands to their heart while someone sings the Star Spangled Banner. On the other hand, ‘cool’ is one of those new-fashioned words that fits the young-studs who can tell you just how shallow are many of those flag-wavers. Somewhere between... Read more »

Andy Williams R.I.P. -- Why Some Artists Last So Long

So just exactly why do some artists last so long? The Carol Burnetts, Betty Whites, Tony Bennetts and Andy Williams? Not easy in a culture where ‘new’ seems to be the operative word. In everything from cars, fashions and phones to books, music and comedy. Surprise! There’s another operative word: ‘Original.’ The opposite of the... Read more »

Odds Are 8 To 5 You're Sleeping With A Scientist Tonight

I will admit I know nothing about the person(s) you sleep with, if you will admit you go to bed at night with some of the latest scientific reports crackling in your thoughts. You see, you’re reading and watching these reports on average 3-4 times a week. From new drug studies to current DNA cases... Read more »

Attention All Egotists [AKA, Bloggers]

Neuroscientists from Harvard just spilled the beans. All over our collective egos. MRI scans of more than 200 subjects have conclusively demonstrated a deep dark secret we all sharr in this blogosphere. We love to talk about ourselves! Frankly we didn’t need science to say out loud what we each know in private. But reading... Read more »

The Secret Fraud To School Reform

Anyone else who has spent the last 50 years in class rooms understands today’s valiant calls for reform are very much the same valiant calls from over the last 150 years. Ever since free public education became the norm, reformers have been valiantly seeking to raise the norm. That’s the good part. The sad part... Read more »

One Of Us Went To Santa Barbara And The Other Stayed Here

I have this good friend with whom I grew up in Chicago from 1931 to 1961. He then left for the Xanadu pleasures of Santa Barbara. Chicago & Santa Barbara — the contrasts couldn’t be sharper. And yet we remain in close touch, tracking the differences between our two venues. While we both agree Southern... Read more »

Picture 60,000 Pizza Parlors All In One Place

That ‘one place’ is the good ol’ U S of A. We have nearly 60,000 of these comfort-food stops, from catch-as-catch-can storefronts to pricey franchises to elaborate downtown pizza palaces. In Italy they shake their collective heads at how we Americans have despoiled their simpler and thinner pies, but here the piled-high-pizza is the number... Read more »

That Small Door To The Secret Garden Of Their Lives

Everyone of us attends to that secret garden of our heart, for it is here we feel and breathe the most safe and free. But passing through our garden’s small door….that’s not easy. Neither for those outside trying to get into ours, nor for us trying to get into theirs. Ever since that first Garden,... Read more »