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NATO Globalism Meets Chicago Localism

NATO is coming to Chicago in a few weeks for its 25th summit since its founding in 1949. It means 28 nations and their leaders, some 2000 international journalists, and un-reported numbers of Chicago Police, National Guard, Secret Service and rooftop sniper-patrols as the international community gets a look at our city, and our city... Read more »

The Last Summer....

Time’s a funny thing. In many ways the only thing. The only thing each of us — great or small — has in absolute common. At least for as long as we have it. It’s said that at times, time stops. I’m not sure about that; but like you, I know there are those intersections... Read more »

There's A City Park Bench Out There Ready To Be Tested

Walk in any bar, turn on any talk show. You’ve got a fistfull of faces telling you how America is ripping apart at the seams. Politically, racially, economically, spiritually. But think about that. It doesn’t take genius to recognize there will be monstrous differences in a country this monstrously large. Which is why Benjamin Disraeli’s... Read more »

Have You Read About It? God's In Trouble Again!

Ever since people began believing in God [that’s like forever], skeptics have questioned the big guy. Atheists poke holes in the god-thing by Logic. Lately, they have Science to help them [especially the brilliant science of Evolution]. But while evolutionary biology has suggested our species doesn’t need a God to function effectively and behave morally,... Read more »

Marilyn -- Here's Looking [Up] At You, Kid!

Strolling up Michigan Avenue you can’t miss our towering white statue of Marilyn Monroe. Nor can you miss the knot of camera-clicking tourists staring ga-ga up at this massive American metaphor. Marilyn IS a metaphor, you know. For beauty, sexuality, desirability, resentment, and whatever other repressed feelings she stirs in you. The studio made millions... Read more »

Go Ahead...Make My Day!

Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson, and Adolf Hitler all suffered inordinate levels of testosterone whenever they came face to face with what their male-ego decided was a threat. Oh, don’t pretend it’s only the “other guy.” For instance, that very same testosterone is bubbling every time someone cuts us off in traffic. So we all start... Read more »

NFL, Is There No Shame...? Nope!

A lot of this started with Shakespeare. You know, this Roman thing…! The many tales about its mighty empire, emperors, courtesans, slaves, and especially gladiators. Their trained warriors have become synonymous with the idea of cunning and power; with today’s NFL warriors their modern counterpart Men — young and old, strong and weak — love... Read more »

You And I Walk By Night With A Cast Of Ghosts

Time Magazine this week features an article:”Shhh! Genius At Work.” It walks us through some of the amazing mysteries to sleep. Both religion and science have been intrigued with these mysteries ever since the Bible described Adam falling asleep in the Garden, later the Greeks saw in dreams messages from the gods, later still Shakespeare... Read more »

Behold -- Hefner & The Age-Of-The-Orgasm

Hugh Hefner just published his farewell address to hometown Chicago. He takes satisfaction in bringing sexual freedom to the American culture. That could be debated. What can’t is that now the orgasm has now emerged from the private, personal and passionate into the spotlight of every sitcom bedroom scene and fraternity house breakfast playback. Penises... Read more »

Oh, But On The Other Hand....

Put two rabbis in a room and you’ll get l0 different opinions about the Talmud. Put two golfers in a bar and you’ll get 20 different opinions about putting. Put a husband and wife in a home, and there’s no telling how many different opinions you’ll get. Textbooks refer to this as democracy. It’s also... Read more »