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"Going Home Again" Ain't For Sissies

Both literary giants — Thomas Wolfe and Thornton Wilder — reached the same conclusion about the same time during the Great Depression. You can’t go home again! Not really. Not safely. In “Look Homeward Angel” Wolfe captured for all time how the reality of Then is unachievable ever again. In “Our Town,” Wilder’s Emily tries... Read more »

Adam Is Back, But This Time Julie Roberts Ain't Taking The Rap

A warning to today’s woman — there’s another Adam out there sorta putting you down! Here’s the deal. Psychologist Adam Pazda of the University of Rochester has been researching the effects of the color scarlet worn by women. He reports in that when a woman wears reds and especially scarlets, men assume she is... Read more »

Lights..! Camea..! But Please This Time No Action..!

Progress is a wonderful thing. And yet like everything else in life, it doesn’t walk a straight line. On its way from A to Z there are a great many little letters you didn’t expect to find in the alphabet of time. Take photography. It was developed in the 19th C…progressed to moving pictures in... Read more »

Anxiety Attacks? Every Headline, Every Broadcast, Every Day!

Ever since Sophomore Philosophy, I find myself quoting philosophers. It’s cool, it’s academic, even if it is a tad sophomoric. But sometimes these fellas really nailed it. Take my favorite Dane, Kierkegaard: “Whoever has learned to be anxious in the right way has learned the ultimate.” Speaking for a few hundred million of us, I’m... Read more »

Today's Biggest Frauds You Can Wear But Can't Afford

Rolex…Piaget….Monet…Baum & Mercier. Anyone can wear them, but at up to $75,000 each, not many of us can afford them. Or should even want to. Because, you see, they are arguably the biggest frauds sparkling on today’s richest wrists. If you have to ask why a fraud, no need reading the rest of this. It’s... Read more »

What's The New Hit "Hunger Games" Really Hungering For r?

“Hunger Games” obviously must be a great work of art. The proof is in its record-breaking receipts this weekend. That IS the way we judge such matters, isn’t it? Without disdainfully dismissing the question with tales of great artists who have died penniless, let’s consider for a moment why cinema such as Hunger Games, Harry... Read more »

What Do You Want To Be? Flawed Human Or Perfect Pelican?

Now just stop for one damn minute….! Instead of hurrying from frantic moment to another frantic moment in your very busy life, just stop long enough to experience everything around you that should make you feel proud you’re human. I realize how flawed we are — god knows, it hits me smack in the libido... Read more »

Pre-emptive Strike? You Mean Like Iran, Trayvon And That Bum At The End Of The Bar??

Can we be honest here…? The only reason some people get lost in thought is because it’s unfamiliar territory. Two bloody examples help make the point: America’s fixation with Race and with War. Start with our war mentality. Ever since the 20th C, seven wars. Spanish-American, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and now Afghanistan. Only... Read more »

"Mad Men" -- Your Ultimate If-Only-I-Could-Be Game

If only I could be…! How many times we’ve played that game with ourselves. Kinda fun; kinda therapeutic as well. Why? Because you and I are so very very human, we hardly ever ever like ourselves just the way we are. Maybe a different texture of hair, tone of complexion, type of body. Oh and... Read more »

A Game Of Chess With Real Lives At Stake

So what do you think, is life really like a football game….? Lot of people think so. You know, drawing parallels to the “game plan,” the “line of scrimmage,” the “long pass.” Especially to those action words like “execution” and “second effort” which bring the sales meetings cheering to their feet. Between you and me,... Read more »