Behold ~ The Great American Lunch

We are now in the democracy period of our country. That’s when every few years we collectively listen to the candidates and collectively decide who deserve our votes. However, frankly this is not when and how we most collect ourselves in the public act of good citizenship. Personally, I look elsewhere. Beyond the speeches, the... Read more »

Atheists and/or Existentialists ~ You Started This. Now What Are You Going To Do About It!

So much of our lives is about wondering…what will be, why, and when… those of us inclined to see life as rational rather than haphazard choose to believe there is a Plan…a Karma…a Reason for Everything…that there are no coincidents…personally I like that, because that means something or someone is in charge..and yet life is... Read more »

The One Phone Apple Couldn't Patent

THE ONE PHONE APPLE COULDN’T PATENT ~ Oh they tried…. with all their money and might…but the one that got away was simply too intricate, powerful, and user-friendly for the boys at Silicon Valley to replicate let alone operate….infinitesimally compact, functioning in full three dimensional sound & color, this camera comes without cost to its... Read more »

The Best Kept 21stC Secret

SPOILER ALERT!! ~ just in case you don’t know it [or forgot it] this man is the one who makes you possible here in the 21st C….no, I don’t have his name, but he and tens of thousands of other Hart Hats are what makes your life happen here in our highly sophisticated age…you see,... Read more »

Rockers ~ Forget Their Music, It's Their Message

Maybe it’s true what they say about Rockers…maybe they really are our time’s substitutes for the once upon a time shamans, prophets, mystics, and magicians,,,,just maybe modern man is not quite as rational as he thinks, and still needs flashes of the earlier irrational and extra-rational in his otherwise routine life….although we insist our modern... Read more »

Is TV's BLACKLIST Foretelling Our Scary Future? Damn Right It Is!

“Scientism” comes to the TV series THE BLACKLIST…the term refers to the current worldview in the West that Modern Science has replaced Medieval Religion as the way to understand our world and our lives in it… while this view starts well, it quickly begins to perceive us simply as a collection of highly evolved body... Read more »

Where Does The Time Go...?

The time doesn’t go anywhere. We do. For now, time is timeless; but you and I are not. This is a reality so real and so relevant that you’d think we would never forget it. But we do. We are always making plans, forgetting the wisdom of the Ancient Greeks who reminded themselves that, “Man... Read more »

Re-visiting The Middle Ages

There was a time when large populations believed that there was Evil in this world…a tangible force that somehow existed in opposition to the Good in the world…it took many forms and names, but the belief was serious, because it had to do with our very being…in recent centuries we have in the West largely... Read more »

In A World Of 24/7 Hype, Here's The Real Deal

Maybe you’ve noticed it too. Everybody in the ads and commercials is smiling…! Nothing wrong with smiling, but I find it disingenuous when all these toothy smiles have been intentionally staged only to convince us this car, or iPad, or pill is what you need and need now. We are being daily mesmerized into believing... Read more »

Here's How To Psychoanalyze Those Neighbors You Don't Talk With

This is your chance to psychoanalyze your neighbors without ever having to meet them….! I’m talking about the next three months of front lawn decorations. Freud and Jung would thrill to the opportunities about to fill the local neighborhoods. Pretty soon you and I can play therapist too, right from our own front room. Here’s... Read more »