Hello Chicago ~ Eating To Live/Living To Eat

Eating is serious business. We spend approximately six years of our life eating. Now in a busier more mobile America, much of that eating occurs outside the home. Which brings us to the savory fact there are more than 7000 restaurants in the Chicago area, serving tens of thousands of meals every day, from our culture’s three largest menus. First,... Read more »

Look Closer ~~ We're All Crossing The Same Bridge Of No Return

Have you noticed…? We’re all crossing this same bridge, from diaper to shroud, only we’re each traveling it at a slightly different point along the way. And that, fellow travelers, is one of life’s great ironies. Even though we are all sharing the same bridge, we are each on our own trip. As determined by... Read more »

Five Outrageous Ways To Take The Joy Out Of Sex

Throughout history men and women have discovered both the need for [Evolution’s take] and the danger of [Bible’s take] sex. But also the joy of sex. So much joy, in fact, both the evolutionists and the religionists felt it necessary to analyze this joy. You know, break it down into what parts of the brain... Read more »

Happiness ~ Everyone Wants It; Few Understand It

As expected, Oscar Wilde made a joke out of it: “The happiness of a married man depends upon the people he has not married.” As expected, ancient Greek philosophers like Epictetus made a profundity out of it: “The way to live a life free from sorrow, think of what is about to happen as if... Read more »

Life After Death...? The Proof Is Finally In

The aging streets of Philadelphia are not where you’d think to find the answer to this ancient question. Yet here it is, in this run-down section of town inside this run-down building with the peeling name: “Joe Frazier’s Gym.”  You all know the name Mohamed Ali. But you don’t all remember the name Joe Frazier.... Read more »

Patriotism Is Best When It's Grown Up

‘Patriotism’ is one of those old-fashioned words that remind you of paunchy guys putting their hands to their heart while someone sings the Star Spangled Banner. ‘Cool’ is one of those new-fashioned words that fits young-studs who can tell you just how shallow are those flag-wavers. Somewhere between blind jingoism and cocky cynicism is probably... Read more »

But Slogans Need Staffing, Mr President

  The history of nations is often a history of slogans. People respond to powerful calls to action. Especially when the slogans are easy to believe, and simple to understand. Turns out the best of them have had the best results. Starting with our “No Taxation Without Representation”….the French “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”….Lincoln’s “A House Divided... Read more »

How Eating Can Save America

Given the staggering consequences from recent earthquakes and tsunamis, we’ve learned more about our planet’s idiosyncratic tectonic plates than we may want to. Without ever being seen, they’re shifting beneath our everyday lives, setting up these sudden physical eruptions. The same might be said for what may seem like our sudden cultural eruptions as well.... Read more »

Riding The CTA Can Be Good For Your Health

To be alone in a crowd is just one of a thousand-and-one ironies that populate our little everyday lives. Socrates wrote about it…Gandhi spoke of it….so did Michael Jordan whenever he rode the CTA. On average, so also do 43,000 Chicagoans every month. With the largest numbers of us traveling on lines like King Drive,... Read more »

Lets Get A Grip....The Man Who Now Speaks For America Hardly Understands America

Starting with our entry into WWI in 1917, it has been called the American Century….currently the news media is agog over every hint of a foreign policy shift from the Oval Office… they chase every lead, and speculate what historic policy change may be evolving….but while that’s OK with the 24/7 media, it shouldn’t be... Read more »