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Six trends in the world of careers today….as I see it….Jan Marino’s Trending

Short gigs will become the norm….companies (particularly tech companies) will hire contractors for short-term projects. You can demand top dollar and get it. Start branding yourself on Linkedin now and build business relationships with contract search firms. Retiring at the age of 65 is a concept of the past. People will be working well into... Read more »

The Art of Small Talk...How to Build Rapport

The amount of time you invest in building a strong rapport with your prospects and clients is the best investment you’ll ever make . The stronger your relationship with your clients the more they trust and relay on you. Crucial to forming these connections is beginning the building process. For some people it’s easy to... Read more »

How to Master Face-to-Face Business Conversations

I have had several “missions” in my life.  Over the years, I’ve taken on saving the adverb, reinventing networking and spreading the word about career management.  I’m proud to report that the adverb is thriving, networking is becoming more adventurous and career management is growing.  My latest mission is to bring back the art of... Read more »

Five Ways to Successfully Sell Yourself

  Know what you’re good at – If you don’t know what you do best, no one else can tell you.  Ask yourself the following questions:  “What makes me valuable i.e.  are you good at cost savings? How about sales? Do you love details? Are you great at finance? Is communications your strength?   For instance,... Read more »

4 Ways to Reinvent Your Customer Service

“Make a customer, not a sale.”……..Katherine Barchetti.  This simple statement is worth tattooing on your forehead.  But, you really don’t need to go that far.  Write it on a Post It note and put it someplace where you’ll see it every day.  I find that I get so caught up in networking and prospecting and... Read more »

How To Keep Bumps in the Road from Becoming Sinkholes.

I was talking to my therapist this week and we were talking about life’s bumps in the road.  That may not sound very earth shattering.  However, like most “aha’s” in life this conversation really helped me see a pattern I keep repeating.  I’ve been going through life clinging to the believe that if I just... Read more »

I have answers for McDonald’s customer service dilemma....

McDonald’s has a people problem. McDonald’s needs to remember it’s in the people business. Customers seem to be a necessary evil to McDonald’s. I realize that franchisees most often own the restaurant itself so this applies to them especially.  McDonald’s customers, franchisees and corporate staff may have forgotten that it’s all about people.  I’m a... Read more »

Why Mediocre Is Never Acceptable

I grew up working in my father’s pharmacy.  It was a small-town drugstore….what they used to call a sundry store because we had everything from bag balm for your cow to jewelry for Mother’s Day.  We also had a very limited number of customers so the way we treated them had to be great every... Read more »

The Business of Mom

I got a call last month from my brother.  He said that my Mom was having a few health problems.  Mom is 87 and has never really been sick.   It’s been a double whammy: atrial fibrillation and macular degeneration.   Her eye blew out first and she didn’t tell anyone.  I think she was hoping that... Read more »

Day One at Work - In Person - Life After Telecommuting

This is a primer for those of us who will be going into a real office with real people….. real soon.  There are probably a few things we’ve forgotten since we were there last.  I thought it would be a good idea to review what we’ll encounter.  It’s been awhile since we’ve worked with gobs... Read more »