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How to Find "Hard to Find" Employees

I recently met with the CEO of a small trucking company who was lamenting the fact that he couldn’t find applicants to fill driver vacancies he needed to fill. The week before, I met with the owner of a small tech company who can’t find programmers who are willing to stay more than six months... Read more »

15 ways to increase your value.

The name of game today is value…..how do you contribute to the marketplace? Here are fifteen ways to increase your market value: 1. Become a resource for others 2. Connect people to help them grow their networks and business 3. Continuously add new skills to your inventory…i.e. programming, certifications 4. Write a blog 5. Know... Read more »

How Snarky Customer Service Kills Your Business

Definitions: Snarky: testy, irritable, short, unpleasant, scornful Your Business: – an extension of you, the product of your hard work and dedication, your livelihood Customer Service – the process of taking care of your customers in a positive manner Stop and think about the last time you experienced really great customer service. Compare that feeling... Read more »

7 Ways to Sell Yourself

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  Become a better communicator.  Professionals who can carry on a face-to-face conversation, write an effective email, present information is a concise manner and can listen well are confident and comfortable in their own skin can sell themselves because they are self-assured.  People who communicate well put others at ease.  You are building strong business... Read more »