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Four More Reinvention Tips That REALLY Work

Thank you all for the continuous stream of great questions about reinventing your life and career.  Here are practical and really work.  Whether you realize it of not, you’re always in some form of transition because circumstances in your life and job change.  These changes are usually small and you can adjust quickly.  However, when... Read more »

Smile, You're on InterviewTube!

The future is here.  In the world of the job search, those who can interview well via Skye are winning the job game.  Job seekers who create a concise, interesting and entertaining video have a distinct advantage over paper only candidates.  Sites like HRtechblog ( and news outlets like Wall Street Journal ( have been... Read more »

5 Keys to Successful Face-to-Face Communications

I can’t believe that “they” say that “we” don’t know how to carry on a face-to-face conversation anymore.  “They” say that there are at least two generations of workers who struggle with face-to-face situations.  “They” say that “we’ve” lost the art of conversation and use technology to hide “our” communications failures.  For once, I agree... Read more »

How Ready Are You To Be Fired or Laid Off? Four Ways To Increase Your Career Options

As many of you know, one of my claims to fame is that I’ve been laid off/ fired four times. In the “olden” days, this fact wasn’t something I’d flaunt. However, I decided several years ago to make it work for me because times have changed. Being unemployed from time to time has taught me... Read more »

How to Write a Great Value Statement in 6 Easy Steps

If someone hasn’t asked you for a value statement lately, they’re going to and you want to be ready.  Whether you’re employed or in transition, knowing your value is critical and being able to communicate it is even more crucial.  Here are 6 steps to help you write it: 1.      List your five top measureable... Read more »

5 Ways You Can Easily Help Someone in a Job Search Keep Their Sanity

Statistics show (hate ‘em) that you will be in a job search at least once in the next five years.  So, I recommend that you start paying forward now so all that good karma will be waiting for you when you need it.  If you don’t believe in karma, do this anyway because you’ll need... Read more »

25 More Personal Branding Tips

Help other people get what they want Become the “go to” personal in your industry-be an expert Don’t gossip….it’s bad for your reputation Read “Take Back Your Career” – it’s very good Always have your business card available Develop a PowerPoint presentation which markets you and your skills-post it on all your social media sites.... Read more »

YOU are the product

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If you get nothing else out of my blogs, this one concept is worth holding on to.  Why?  Because once you grasp the concept, you’re at the very heart of what career management is all about.  It’s about you and how you impact the bottom line.  You will begin to understand that you are always... Read more »