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Moms are the best Christmas gift!

My gift to you this Christmas season is the opportunity to get to know my Mom, Rita Echternacht.  I consider this blog a gift because all Moms are one of the most precious gifts we’ll get in our lifetime.  Moms are in our lives for all kinds of reasons. Beyond giving us life and teaching... Read more »

The Business of Mom

I got a call last month from my brother.  He said that my Mom was having a few health problems.  Mom is 87 and has never really been sick.   It’s been a double whammy: atrial fibrillation and macular degeneration.   Her eye blew out first and she didn’t tell anyone.  I think she was hoping that... Read more »

Life Lessons Learned During A Blizzard

It’s March 5, 2013.  We’re having a blizzard in northeastern Nebraska (home of the Lady Jays…Nebraska Women’s State Basketball Champs-Class C1…first time ever!).  The sun was shining an hour ago, but now we have a full-fledged blizzard.  Snow and winds of 30 mph.  This part of the country really needs the moisture.  It’s been a... Read more »

REINVENT or perish, die, cease, terminate, end, finish, vanish, conclude, exhaust, drain, draw to a close.

If you’re like me, I don’t like to options to “not reinventing”……maybe it’s because I’m the oldest of five and bossy, but these options aren’t for me!  I want to continue being vital, involved, committed, vibrant, funny, interesting, sexy and wise. Next Friday, I’ll be sixty-three.  What an adventure it’s been so far.  You couldn’t... Read more »
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