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I love you, Aunt Jean - RIP

        My Aunt Jean died today.  She was my Mother’s younger sister….the seventh of eight children.  She was a Mom to six great kids.  I remember her being perpetually pregnant and working on the Nebraska “home place” farm with her husband, Bernard.  She was jolly and giving and beautiful both inside and... Read more »

Mom's are important...here's why...

  I was cleaning out a shelf in our basement today and noticed a picture of my Mom when she was very young.  She and her sister Kate were standing on a tree-lined street somewhere in central Nebraska.  It’s a black and white photo.  Mom has on a jumper, white socks and saddle shoes.  My... Read more »

Moms are the best Christmas gift!

My gift to you this Christmas season is the opportunity to get to know my Mom, Rita Echternacht.  I consider this blog a gift because all Moms are one of the most precious gifts we’ll get in our lifetime.  Moms are in our lives for all kinds of reasons. Beyond giving us life and teaching... Read more »